Sears would not replace or repair a defective motorcycle hydraulic jack that

did not hold pressure the first time it was used....I had no sales slip but

Craftsman admitted to having problems with the hydraulics, but the parts were

on back order for 'at least many months' and I couldn't even pay to get it

fixied nevermind that I had a newly bought item that was 'broken'.

What a poor way to do business.....Not only did they not care that I got ripped off.... they offered no solution at all as to how I could get any

satisfaction with buying a defective product. I will not do any business with Sears Craftsman products in the future. OH, and Craftsman used to be a

U.S. company, no, my jack was made overseas for Craftsman (misrepresentation?) I think so..I got ripped off!!

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