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Sears made me take 4 days off from work for a washer repair and on 2 of those days, a repairman never even came when it was documented a person would come. On the other day, they had made an error and ordered the wrong amount of parts so I wasted another non-paid day. Their idea of reimbursement? Giving me less money then I had to waste paying for 5 weeks of laundry because of THIER errors. Spoke to a manager and guess what?!--they only give "certain amounts" back based on their mistakes..$100 max for washer reimbursement, $200 for food replacement for refrigerators. Ridiculous! They fail to look at individual cases and give people what they rightly deserve! "I took their offer" so case closed right? I wasn't left with any choice. Guess I should call Better Business Bureau and speak with my lawyer. I have everything I need documented, snapshot, and recorded. I'm fed up when being a loyal customer for 40yrs means nothing!

The biggest irony of all was that I had a shelf in my refrigerator which broke in March 2014--we had to call Sears to get a replacement shelf. All the time spent waiting for washer parts and a competent repairman to come, we get this big box from Sears. Turns out, it was the replacement shelf for the fridge that we ordered 10 MONTHS ago! Completely forgot about that one (and yes, anybody can check my record and I'll give you a picture of the delivery date).

After posting my complaint in a calm, educated manner on their Facebook page. I was ignored and eventually banned from being able to post or contact the moderator that "tried to help me. If you go on their Facebook, there are stories like mine that appear literally every 15min. It's no surprise Sears is on the brink of going out of business.

I have additional stories and order numbers of repairmen that never arrived for a broken refrigerator until 4 days later and receipts of $300 worth of food that spoiled. I also have horror stories concerning a Compaq computer which was unsatisfactory.

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