I scheduled to get carpet cleaning for two bed room apartment, living room area and hall for $99 sale price. The technician arrived much more late than I was promised by the operator more than two times and I have got two calls which said the tech will arrive after 45 minutes.

As soon as the tech arrived I was tolled that the tiny apartment leaving room is two rooms because there is a dining table and a sofa so I have to pay 129 (about 30% more) because it considered to be four rooms. All the rooms were vacuumed, at the kitchen entrance and the hall there was a minor stain and I was told I have to pay extra for these.

For the sake of God we leave in America. Sears is a big company but can not deliver what they promised. I moved my belongings from all rooms and spend time waiting for them. Even I can not write a complain on their web site because it is for satisfaction survey only! (you need a ticket invoice number).


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