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Had my front load washer for about three years. One day it would finish a load and the light would stay on and the front control panel went blank.

I had to unplug it to "reset" it after every load. I called Sears and they set an appointment to have it fixed. It took over a week for the repairman to arrive. He said this is a common problem.

He said he would have to order the main control board, it would take two weeks to get it in. It arrived and it said on the box "remanufactured" It arrived and he installed the part, I managed to wash four loads before it started to do the same thing. I called and they set another appointment up, I waited a week and they never showed up. I called and they said they would have to set up another appointment, ten days down the road.

This means I have to wait another ten days for the repairman to come in, look at the machine and say "Yep it's broken" he will then order another "Rebuilt" part which will take another two weeks to get in. It's feels like they pulled this bad part from another broken machine, put it a box and shipped it to me. They are too cheap to put in a brand new part. I wonder how many times I will have to go through this.

I spent a lot of money on this machine and a warrenty, a waste of money.

They don't care! I will never buy another appliance from Sears again.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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