WARNING: Do not contract with SEARS Home Services, under any circumstances! They are an unreliable third party contractor, who hide behind an American Iconic name that once stood for something. 

I contracted with SEARS Home Services Minneapolis Office, on Nov 4, 2013 to get a new roof and siding on my South Minneapolis home, at which point I put down $5975 (30%) towards the $18,000. work to be done. District Sales Manager Jim Rock even personally came out to my house, and pressured me to sign the contract, he offered me a 24 month interest free loan toward the job. Sales Project Consultant Craig Adams assured my that I would have SEARS quality and a lifetime warrantee on the roof that would be transferable to a new owner if I sold the house.

First week of December rolls around, and I see a two men walking in the fenced in backyard of my Minneapolis home, unaware of their identity I confront them. End up they were assigned to the project, without prior notification of their visit by SEARS Home Services Minneapolis Office. January, February, March, a couple more calls to SEARS Home Services Representatives regarding my concern to the work to be done at my home, because the roofing crew has not begun the contracted work. April, more calls to SEARS Home Services Minneapolis Office, find out the Project Manager assigned to my job, does not work for SEARS Home Services anymore.

So, I get Todd, newly hired SEARS Project Manager out at my residence on Tuesday, April, 29th, 2014 promising me that he would have a crew out on Thursday, May 1st, 2014 to start and complete the roofing estimate/project that was agreed to from November, 2013. May 1st, Roofing crew is no-show, another call to SEARS Home Services Minneapolis Office, called on Friday May 2nd, called again over the weekend. 
I get a message, from Craig Adams (612)865-9535 on May 8th, telling me that “SEARS” won’t allow them to do my roof.

OK, I have made payments on this Home Improvement Plan account for seven months of $914.
I have been trying to get a refund of the entire $5975 down payment, since May 8th, and have only received a $700 refund that represented the siding portion of the contract, I talked to Craig Adams again today, and his Regional Manager Dan, and was told they would again, "look into it". I am getting all the excuses, a missed signature here, a second required signature there, they are dodging my phone calls, not returning them, etc. etc.

I am still waiting for $5275 refund towards the account, which I hoped would have happened by now, because I have a payment of $109 due on the account tomorrow june 18, 2014. I will have to consider paying $109 towards a job that was cancelled by SEARS Home Services.

Again, do not use SEARS Home Services at all, they are an unreliable third party contractor, who charge a premium because of a name, and are able to hide behind an American name that used to stand for a tangible American Quality, Service and Value. Throw the mailers and offers you receive from SEARS Home Services right away in the trash can.

Do not invite trouble into your tranquil American heart!

Any other options can I pursue at this point?

Monetary Loss: $5275.

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