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We purchased 4, count them FOUR, Kenmore Elite appliances in one day totaling about $10,000. Within the past 12 months, I have to call Sears Service twice on my Elite Fridge.

I am going to spell out our situation in glorious detail. First, the refrigerator...what a beauty. Stainless steel, French doors with the ice maker on the left top door with the freezer on the bottom. So far, so good, right beautiful design???

Well, that is until you fridge goes dark and won't turn on. Call service and they come and replace a couple of filters and tell me every thing is OK when I knew something was not quite right with the fridge and tell me that everything is OK with this piece of equipment ( I knew back then that this was a lemon that needed to be replaced but they talked me into the wait and see how the fix worked) . few months later I being told on my second service call that I need to replace the main PCB board and an assembly fan and now I have to pay close to $600.00 if I want the piece of lemon for better words being fixed since I am now out of warranty and that Sears cannot cover cause it is out of warranty. Then I pledge not too buy anything from this company ever again.

You just lost a loyal customer for the last 20 years for a meager $600.00.

I 'll bet another company that is willing to take care of customer wont be hard to find. Learn two words that would make you have repeated customers "Customer Service".

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #664899

Dear former Sears customer, I, myself used to be one of those service technicians who came to your house to repair your refrig. Let me say one thing in Sears' defense. In all my twelve years as a service technician, It was Sears true goal to satisfy its customers. Sears can't guarantee perfection on every item it sells but it will guarantee satisfaction. If you are having problems at the local level, you can always write a letter or e-mail to Sears' headquarters in Chicago while still trying to remain polite. After all, they don't know the circumstances yet and Chicago will cut through the red tape and do its utmost to make thinngs right(based on examples I had seen). Even as an employeeeI could still run into a problem, more in the credit dept than a product but eventually it all eorked out to my satisfaction.Coincidentally, I trying to resolve a defective Sears craftsman 15.6 volt cordless drill in which the battery will not enter the drill nor the battery chargerAfter checking Consumer Reports, I am fully prepared to drop my craftsman loyalty and purchase a Black and Decker twenty volt drill ewhich is described as being superior on several levels.You can't beat Sear unconditional replacement policy on hand toolsbut you may as well take a walk if you think Sears will correct an inherently defective power tool design unless someone gets injured in which cas the lawyers then enter the picture.

One last alternative for you regarding your refrigerator, id that you can file a law suit against Sears at the small claims court for a reasonable filing fee. ut if you prefer to avoid the litigious route, the please remember patience is a virtue ,especially when dealin with any store.

I hope this gives you some assistance. I wish you luck in your ordeal

Sincerely, Ted

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