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Update by user Feb 26, 2018

UPDATE: My boyfriend came home and spoke to Customer Service and found out that a new compressor was ordered and he was directed to file a food loss report in order to be reimbursed. He went on-line to file the claim and we found out that Sears caps the reimbursement amount at $300 for food loss which is absolutely ridiculous when I lost 3x's that amount between the refrigerator and freezer.

The compressor arrived a week later and an appointment for the tech to come out was scheduled for 2/12/18 between 8 &12. The tech was a no call/no show. After my 3rd call at 4:30 to find out where the tech was, I found out that the tech cancelled my appointment. Sears was also not made aware until they contacted him to find out his ETA.

My appointment was then rescheduled to 2/19/18 between 1 & 5. I received a text message at 4:45 pm that the tech again cancelled by appointment. I contacted Sears again and was rescheduled for 2/26/18 between 1 & 5. Again, I received a text message, this time at 10:45 am, stating my appointment was cancelled.

5 minutes later Sears contacted me with a new appointment date and time (38/2/18 between 1 & 5). I am beyond aggravated at this point. I am a few days shy of 2 months without a working refrigerator/freezer.

Oh, and then they have the audacity to tell me over the phone that I qualify for Sears Home Repairs ( a tech comes out and checks windows, roof, etc). My response was "Ummmm...Thanks but after this ordeal, Sears will not be getting my business."

Original review posted by user Jan 24, 2018

I am a Sears Optical employee and I am appalled at the level or lack of customer service. I purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator and extended warranty less than 2 years ago.

I woke up on 1/11/18 to the food in my freezer completely defrosted and a fridge that was semi cold. First service appointment set for 1/15 was rescheduled to 1/24. I was given authorization for my own person to come out. The fridge was deemed unfixable because the compressor, located in the sealed system, was not functioning.

Had to wait to see if authorization for a new fridge would be issued. All that was issued was a Sears tech to come out to assess the problem. Tech was here and stated the issue could be fixed. He was charging the Freon and injecting an infrared dye into the line.

He stated that if it is one part he could fix it today. If it wasn’t then I would have to wait until my fridge stopped working again, lose more food, call in the claim, wait for them to come out, find the place where the dye leaked out, order the part, wait for the part to be delivered to my home, call in to have them come out, wait for them to come out then cross my fingers. While he was here I called again into the customer service line. While I was in the phone, the tech was cleaning his stuff up.

He told me I was right, then left. My fridge still is not fixed and Sears still will not authorize a new fridge until one of their people deem it unfixable. I am beyond pissed off. I am running to the grocery store every day because the mini fridge doesn’t hold that much.

I was looking into filing a suit and came across this site and other complaints from others going through similar. All I truly want is a new refrigerator.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Here is a number for a local manager, his name is Tom Hoyser 716-570-1391 I would also contact him and see what he can do. Rochester NY

to Anonymous #1424060

Who was your TM out there in 8254? Pusz, Wilson, Dell, or Mele?


You are only at the beginning of a long nightmare, Do yourself and all Sears consumers a favor and contact your local news media. They will help you get fast results. Rochester NY

to Anonymous #1423324

I did just that. I have also been speaking with an attorney because this has been nothing but a never ending nightmare.

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