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January 24th My Kenmore dryer stopped drying so I called Sears repair. Worst mistake ever in my life!

I told them my unit was stacked in a small closest but they only sent one tech. He was an idiot. Instead of calling for back up he man handled my unit. Tore the thing apart to replace a thermostat.

$200 for the service. 2 weeks later same thing happens w/the dryer. This time I notice that the control panel is loose. That is because the tech broke it!

I call them again. They come out and replace the same part and tell me they have to order the thermostat and it will be March 5th before the part comes in. 2 weeks after that the dryer stops working again because the control panel is broken it burns the thermostat out. They call and cancel the appointment and tell me the part is on backorder and won't be here until April 22nd!

Keep in mind they broke the part it was not broken before they touched my dryer. I lost count of the number of calls I have made but they all go to the 800 number. You never get to talk to anyone w/authority. I had 2 people hang up on me after holding for 20-30minutes when they could not decide what to tell me.

Repair resolution finally calls and admits the part is not made any longer. I am now waiting to hear from them about replacing my dryer. I have never had such horrible service from anyone ever! They need to be shut down.

I have been w/out a working dryer going on 2 months now all because their tech was untrained and a moron!

I want to sue them! I sure hope you get this started as they need to be put out of business once and for all!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Dryer Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want a new unit which may mean a new washer also since they stack! .

I didn't like: Lack of urgency and caring, Poor workmanship, Poor service, Attiude of repair person and custome service person, Incompetent service dispatchers and unreliable appointment times.

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You are just at the start of a long battle with sears and Sedgwick. Hear is a list of local management of Sears home service phone numbers.Tom 716-570-1391, Mike 518-331-2341, Lisa 585-455-1711, Darlyene 585-424-0912, Mark 716-536-0159, Bob 716-866-8105.You can try them, they are located in the US not overseas.

I would also contact your local news media and the bbb. Rochester NY

to Anonymous #1447301

Are these national reps? I am in Texas and all of these area codes are not.

I was told by Sedwick that they do not insure for damage to the appliance! It has been terrible and I know its going to get worse.

I am waiting to hear from the Repair resolution and if they do not get me a new dryer I will be contacting the media. Did you ever have any luck with them?

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