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A light bulb in my refrigerator blew out. I went online to order a light bulb.

Several options were available;but, they didn't provide the information that the light bulbs offered from Sears are model specific. So,I contacted their online direct service organization to order the correct light bulbs. After providing the agent with the refrigerator model #, serial # and designating it was a Kenmore Cold Spot Frost less 27, this encounter took over an hour, while, they checked model #s, and finally I was able to place an order. I ordered 4, light bulbs,as to avoid this type of inane nonsense permanently!

The light bulbs just arrived, and didn't work inserting them into the socket.To ensure the problem wasn't faulty light bulbs,I took the light bulb that was still working in the refrigerator and screwed it to the empty socket-Let there be light-and there was! Today I called the Sears Home Service department to discuss this problem. This Sears agent knew something about repairs-obviously ahead of the other agents in this department. The light bulbs won't fit as they have an OEM who produces the light bulbs for this older refrigerator model and in order for the light bulbs to fit, you have to have a new refrigerator socket installed to fit the light bulbs they produce.

Have you ever heard of anything as ridiculous as this? I have wasted too much valuable time just to purchase a refrigerator light bulb!

My advice to Sears if they want to keep longtime customers, such as I,is to create refrigerator sockets that will accommodate generic light bulbs. Ordering a light bulb should not require rocket science and dealing with Sears reps that don't tell you-at the outset- good luck with the light bulb fitting,if the socket if your refrigerator isn't a current model!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Refrigerator Part Replacement.

Reason of review: product ordered didn't work.

Sears Home Services Cons: Inefficiency and lack of knowledge about the product.

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Always a complication to something that is seemingly so simple. Probably a good idea to check before you buy a fridge exactly what kind of bulb is required, but who would think of doing such a thing?

Leave it to Sears to require some special bulb. You might try to put a regular old appliance bulb in the socket and see if it will work and then you will know if the requirement for a special bulb is nothing but a trick on the part of Sears.