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A Sears Service Technician always provided quality care and the real Sears Technician employed by Sears is dedicated, and brings many years of experience to y service they offered to a Sears customer. BUT in the last two years (maybe longer for other customers who have suffered Sears' misrepresentations) Sears has significantly FAILED TO PROVIDE experienced and competent technicians to maintain and repair those appliances which are specifically covered under the Sears Master Protection Plan.

Instead of honoring their agreement, they outsourced, sent SUBcontracted, and untrained warm bodies into their customer's homes. The one I encountered, Ryan Appliance services Sears victimized patrons in Forsyth County, NC, and is an incompetent and condescending representative of service for Sears. On two occasions I was unfortunately forced to deal with Greg Ryan, who very subversively informed me that my warranty wouldn't cover abuse to appliances...that he wouldn't say anything but if they asked that he would have to be honest, that my repair may be the result of negligence. What??

My appliances have been maintained consistently for 3 years and still are maintained under Sears MASTER PROTECTION PLAN. How is this negligence? Anyway, I cannot get Sears to repair my dishwasher. I guess I have no recourse...they just shut me down.

I scheduled new technician appt. with a real Sears Technician and they never show up. I must have been too obvious about how offended I am by the incompetence of and derogatory treatment of their representatives; now they will not honor the agreement to provide quality service, in protecting the integrity of the product and to repair my home appliances. I have tried to cancel my protection plan for the last hour.

I am still on hold!!! FINALLY...Cancelled and paid (lost) over $100 for this substandard service and Sears misrepresentation of our contract/agreement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryans Appliance Repair Dishwasher Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Best thing you could have done by cancelling. Sears has let most of the good techs go and have only salesman left that try to repair, or they sub the work out to a cheap contractor. Rochester NY

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