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This is the email I wrote to Sears:

CEO/President, Louis D'Ambrosio,

Chairman, Edward S. Lampert,

Divisional Vice President, Brian Carey,

Dear Gentlemen,

I am absolutely horrified with the customer service I have received from Sears. I have been on the phone with customer service many, many times and have been placed on hold for up to 52 minutes at a time. I have been transferred from person to person over and over. No one can offer a satisfactory solution for my issue. And besides that, it is rude and unacceptable to be transferred repeatedly and to remain on hold for such unreasonable amounts of time. If a transfer is necessary, the original agent should remain on the line until the next contact person is reached.

I began calling on September 6th to have my central air conditioning unit repaired. After much discussion, the absolute best your team could do was schedule a technician for September 11th....5 days during the hottest week of the year! This tells me that either Sears needs more technicians or that Sears should not sell warranty/protection agreement products in locations where there are not local Sears authorized certified technicians available.

My son and I stayed in the house on the night of the 6th with the heat inside nearing 90 degrees. He had two asthma attacks during that 8 hours and we have been displaced ever since. The technician finally came yesterday. Naturally, he has to order a new part (the fan, for one). I called to schedule his return to install the fan and find out the part is not expected in until the 19th!!! 2 weeks of being displaced with a child from our home. The protection agreement department offered reimbursement for a fan up to $80. If a fan was effective enough so that my child would not suffer asthma attacks, we would not need central air at all! So, offering a fan as compensation is insulting and ridiculous!

I replaced my old central air conditioning unit 3 years ago because it continued to break down. Had I known the one I purchased from Sears would require a major part be replaced every 12 months or so, I would have just kept the old one.

The customer service agents I have spoken with have, for the most part, been very pleasant. There have been some verbal inconsistencies from agents about company policy regarding protection agreements. However, it is evident from the amount of time I have spent on hold and the amount of time it takes to get a repair tech out to someone's home--- Sears is understaffed in both areas. The parts department must be lacking as well since there is a back order on the part my unit needs.

To those of you who work in customer service every day, I know my letter sounds just the same as every other one you have to deal with. I understand that. But, I must say that there are times when policy does not need to viewed in black and white, but rather in shades of grey. I have proposed several solutions to resolve my issue which are entirely reasonable...all of which have been denied:

1. Authorize a local repair technician to repair my unit without penalty2. Issue hotel vouchers to be used until the A/C unit is repaired3. Install a new unit4. Take the necessary part of of a new, unopened unit

I am a single working mother and have $25 in my checking account until pay day, so reimbursement is not an option. Please respond to this email immediately.


Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I know what you mean about Sears.They were supposed to ship parts to me and it took three calls to the warranty department before they hopefully are shipping.

Sears needs to listen to the consumer.Let's start a movement to get them to listen to us!

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