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The reason for this review is to warn other people before they have a similar experience. My experience with SEARS REPAIR was very aggravating and frustrating.

I was having a problem with my Samsung refrigerator once again with it freezing up the fridge section and the fan was hitting the built up ice. I called Sears for a n appointment with their tech to come Diagnose and repair the issue. SEARS sent a third party to my home (NOT THEIR PEOPLE), a so called Tech and one in training. First he TECH said I should just discard the 4 Year old,$2000 fridge and buy a new one.

I said I don't think so!! Then they wanted me to sign a waiver for them to move the fridge in case they damaged something? OK I guess they need to protect themselves, I moved it myself knowing I wouldn't cause any damage. They then called a TECH HOTLINE to talk them through the diagnosis.

Now let me just say thankfully I have a very strong Electronics and Mechanical background, I am not without a clue when it comes to something along these lines. Well, now they tried putting the fridge into a test mode ( I knew they where not understanding the gentleman on the phone ). Now with it NOT in the test mode they went to check certain parts of the main control board. They could not get thier meter on the test points to get accurate readings, the man on the phone told them to check for proper polarity on the electric outlet, they looked at me and said "Do you know what that means?".

I said you don't!!, then showed them what to do... Now they turn to me and say you have a bad control board ( I knew that was wrong) So I said How much, they said $500, I said how long to do the repair, They said about 1 week to get the part and then they will call for an appointment. I then said so about 10 days without a refrigerator!!! Cant you get the part sooner?

They said NO, so now I said what if you put in the part and thats not the problem. They then said well you 90 days warranty. I said then do you refund me for the first repair and then charge for the proper one. They looked at each other and said most likely NOT but you can then have that conversation with customer service.

I now being very aggravated at this point told them that they never put the fridge in its proper test mode which I witnessed myself. With a shrug of their shoulders I told them to leave!! I also told them if they want to get Paid for the diagnosis they need to have their supervisor call me by end of day, Never Received A Call... I then called a friend that does commercial refrigeration and told him what happened, He laughed, To my surprise he came to my house at 9pm that same evening and went on my computer, pulled out his meter, put the fridge into test mode and checked the board, The BOARD WAS FINE!!!

He said the thermistor was bad and told me what part to order and said since the fan had been hitting Ice for some time to get a new one of those also. The parts even with a new fan motor assembly where under $150 with shipping next day. My daughter 18 years old changed the parts with my supervision. Now I am being put into collections by SEARS for the misdiagnosis?

I've spoken to their VERY NASTY customer service, faxed a parts list by their request showing that the repair had nothing to do with their 3rd partys diagnosis (misdiagnosis). they said that they are not charging for the diagnosis, they are charging me for the service call? I SAID BUT YOUR PEOPLE ACTUALLY THE ONES YOU FARMED IT OUT TO DID NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WHERE DOING AND I HAD TO ASK THEM TO LEAVE, ALSO THE SUPERVISOR NEVER BOTHERED TO CALL ME. They said its JUSY THE WAY IT IS!!!

and i have to pay. Then also received the same answer from corporate. The bottom line here is Do Not Buy an Appliance from Sears because they wont be able to service it.

Don't call them for service because they wont be able to repair it. If you do and have a problem GOD HELP YOU dealing with their customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Repair technicians, Lack of repair knowledge, Customer service.

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Sorry for your ordeal. They said they will come out on my fridge this Thursday without a charge.

After reading your review, I am documenting with them not to come if charging anything. After 6 attempts with sealed system, I hold out little hope they will repair. Small claims court will be my next step. 12 weeks without fridge.

These folks are total rip off artist.

They tell me the warranty I read off to them in my fridge manual is apparent not correct. PLEASE!!!

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