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Our dishwasher had a catastrophic failure in August 2017. We called Sears and they said to call a plumber.

The plumber came out and said that the dishwasher was the problem not the plumbing. He smelled burning when he tried to turn the dishwasher on. We called a water mitigation company to repair the floor. Naturally they had to remove the dishwasher.

I called Sears back to examine the dishwasher. They came out and said that since the dishwasher was no longer in the original location they could not work on it. Sears refused to re-install the dishwasher so we paid another company to come out and reinstall it so that Sears could come out to “work”on it. The Sears technician came out in December and after a lengthy examination determined that there was a broken part which he would order.

He never called back or came back and no part arrived. In January, I called Sears and after several days of being cut off, having my calls dropped, and being told to take that I could no longer speak to anyone in the service apartment because I said the word “lawyer” , they finally set up another appointment. The technician came out and looked at the dishwasher. I called customer solutions while the technician was there and asked what the point of sending a technician out when he did not have the needed part.

I was told that the dishwasher would be replaced because the needed part could go longer be found. The technician left. I did not hear back from Sears. I called customer solutions again and was told that they needed to send out another technician.

This technician said that the dishwasher had been “dismantled“ and that he could not work on it. I called customer solutions again. They said they had to send out another technician. That technician came out and said the same thing as the last technician.

He could not work on it because in his opinion the dishwasher had been “dismantled.” He said he could not even turn on the dishwasher. When he left the garbage disposal no longer worked, but it had worked before just before his arrival. After multiple calls with customer solutions I was told yesterday that the request for dishwasher replacement had been denied.

Sears protection agreement master plan is a scam. They take your money up front but do not live up to the agreement to repair or replace broken appliances.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Master Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What a nightmare, I would recommend contacting your local news media to do a story on consumer fraud. Rochester NY

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