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Update by user Oct 19, 2017

UPDATE: 10/19/2017 A technician (not the one that diagnosed my fridge but someone else that really didn't know what was going on) finally honored my appt and got here to fix my fridge. So far it is working.

When he got here they were still saying my account said that the parts were on back order (not because I have had them for almost 2 weeks and let them know when I go them). He then said there was some question as to whether or not we got the right parts. However my husband insisted that all was right and the technician showed up and verified the parts not only were here but were the right ones. After the technician left, he called my husband and asked for payment of $ 75 - warranty repair deductible is what he called it.

Good thing my husband was in the loop and knew that the parts and labor were warranty and not the warranty the Sears tried to sell everyone. The repairman, laughed and said he would take care of it. Just really strange that the repairman would ask for that money after he left and that he would ask for it at all. Everyone knew there was no charge for this repair.

He told us to not put anything in the fridge for several days just to make sure it worked. So several days later fridge is still working. I did call Sears and they are processing a check in the amount of $50.00 to be sent to me in the next 7-10 business days. The promised 50,000 shop your way points have not been credited to my account at all.

I guess they say that and then do not deliver.

Just a ploy to get you off the phone. So until my points have been credited to my account and I receive my $ 50 from then, I do not consider this issue to be resolved as these were things that were promised to me because of the lack of customer service I received.

Original review posted by user Oct 12, 2017

Today is 10/12/2017. I had to reschedule my appointment for today for time slot of 1-5 PM, because the technician did not show up today again for the third time.

I was told that he felt that coming to my house at 5 PM (which made me his last appt he felt was too late to come to) I have called Sears at 877/496-8746 where I spoke to Carl on 10/10/2017 and we had made a deal that if they technician didn't show up today that Sears would have a fridge at my house by 8 AM on 10/13/2017 for me to use until the could get a technician out here to fix my fridge which has now been out since 7/30/2017. Now they say that Sears will not do anything for me on getting me a temporary fridge. When I call today, supervisor at 877/496-8746, named Juliet hung up on me when she realized the conversation was being recorded (Sears records all their calls). Juliet also tried to tell me that my account said that the parts were not in yet.

I told her that they were in last week and I told them that when I made my appt, they wouldn't have scheduled an appt without me having the parts and that a woman called my husband at 10 AM this morning to not only verify that we had all the parts but to confirm that they were the correct part number (appt was for 1-5 PM). All anyone at Sears can say is "I'm sorry" and they will have someone call me. Of course out of now 12 left messages no one has returned any calls and no technician has shown up to fix my fridge. I have been given a $ 50 gift card, 2500 shop your way points and they are processing another 50,000 shop your way points to credit to me and also once the fridge is fixed they will be cutting me a check in the amount of $ 50.

However, after all of this and them supposedly escalating this to the management - no one has called, my fridge is not fixed and they cannot guarantee that my next now 4th scheduled appt that the technician will even show up. I spoke to Linda at 800-4-myhome. She tells me that this has been escalated to management and that someone from the dispatch department will be calling me tomorrow and also flagging me in case someone cancels. Of course with no one showing up to my appts and now I see that this is the norm for Sears and not the exception, I am sure there are others out there that are waiting on technicians too.

Best thing to do is DO NOT buy any Sears (#sears) product and for NO reason ever call Sears Home Services ( #searshomeservices ) to work on anything you need fixed. They do not care and are not reliable. New appt is not for 12/16/2017 - because it is the earliest they can make an appt. UPDATE: 10/10/2017.

Got parts for my fridge delivered to my house last week on the 5th and had appointment set up for today between 8 AM - noon. At noon - no one has shown up ( and yes I got confirmation last night and this morning that the technician would be here today ) and no call or contact. I called to find out where the technician was and was told that the technician would be here today and they would be calling me to let me know what time the technician would be here. 2 hours later and again NO call from anyone.

I called and got told by Step in customer service in the Philippines (because according to her they do not have a customer service department in the US) that they had rescheduled my appt for tomorrow. I told her that no one had called me about that and I had not gotten any correspondence and I took off work for the appt today. Bottom line is my fridge has been broken since 8/30/2017 and as of 10/10/2017 it still isn't fixed and Sears does not care and has no one to talk to in the US - all customer service is in the Philippines. DO NOT use as they are not reliable and just don't care!!

UPDATE: As soon as this review was posted I got a call from Sears and it is a miracle!!! - They have found the parts needed to fix my fridge and I will be having the parts to fix my fridge within the next several days and they will be calling me on Wednesday to get a repairman out here asap to fix my fridge. And the parts are in the states. Question is how come they didn't have it before???

mmmmm...I stand by my review. Worse service EVER!!! My Kenmore Elite fridge is not working properly (it is missing from being 5 yrs old by 2 months). It will cool for 24 hrs and then not cool at all for the next 36 to 48 hours.

My appointment to have this fixed was on Sept 11, 2017. The repairman (who was awesome) diagnosed the issue, called in and ordered the parts - compressor and condenser - and scheduled my appointment to have it fixed on 9/18/2017. The 18th came around and no one showed up and no one called me. I called Sears Home Services and was told the part was on back order.

I asked how come no one called me to let me know so that I would not have waited for them at my house for the last 4 hours. All they can say is I'm sorry - which is their answer for everything and they don't mean it. I asked what to do about my food and they said to keep it in a cooler. I have called to check on the part and asked to have someone in their parts department to speak to me about when to expect the part, etc.

I have left 2 to 3 messages to have someone in the parts department to call me and no one has called. Just like no one called about the repairman not coming to my house because the part was not in. Well it is now 10/2/2017. I called this morning again asking to speak to someone in the parts department to be told that the customer service people have no way to speak to the parts department.

I asked to speak to someone that can give me some answers. Finally got a supervisor, was told part was on back order and yet somehow she was able to contact the parts department and find out a time frame on getting my fridge fixed and when the part will be in. So the answer is 1 part will be at their warehouse by 10/13/2017 and the other on 10/19/2017. Then there is a 5 days period for me to get it delivered to my house.

So a projected time frame on getting my fridge fixed is sometime after 10/26/2017 (because of the 5 business day for delivery of part to my house and then to schedule for a repairman to come to my house to actually fix my fridge). I asked if Sears would provide a fridge for me during this time because the cost of buying ice, etc has gotten pretty expensive when you have to do it on a daily (sometimes twice a day because of temps in high 80's to 90's) basis. I was told that the fridge was no longer under warranty so they could not do anything like that. But they could give me 2500 points on my rewards program and then a $50 gift certificate.

I told the supervisor that I will be out of a fridge for 2 months because of them and that they should be able to do something more to accommodate me for my losses and costs incurred because of their part being back ordered. Gone thru lots of ice and spoiled food because that is not the proper way to keep food long term (in a cooler). Going out to eat has become the norm at my house because of the lack of being able to keep food properly. The only thing anyone at Sears can say if I'm sorry ".

I have heard it so many times that I honestly believe they do not mean it.

If you can use another repair service, use them DO NOT use Sears. Also if you can purchase your appliance from anywhere else or any other brand - do it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer srvc and people lying.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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