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Technician was here yesterday, but could not fix our central AC, which is under their full protection plan.We explained we had to pick our G'kids up in the afternoon and tech said no problem, he had an 6AM to 12pm appointment open. Their web site is great and until last night, it was good for 8-12. Wake up this morning and our 8-12 still shows, but now an arrival tome in the afternoon. Called them and even went to a supervisor and she tried to...
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I liked
  • Technician was friendly
I didn't like
  • Missed appointment time
I have been trying to get my Central Air fixed since June and it is now mid August.The pipes keeps freezing even when set at a temperature of 76. The sub contractor has come out 3 times and have not been able to fix the problem so under the warranty at this point they should be replacing my unit. Unfortunately the sub contractor hasn't put in his paperwork to show that he has been out 3 times and he isn't returning our calls nor Sears. I spoke...
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I have a 3 years contract on it. Less than 10 months the UV lights stopped working. First of all I found the lights can be bought for $10 a piece and they charged me $110 for each. On several occasion I have called the Sears Home Services and made appointment to get them replaced which is under warranty. Each time they have neither call back on the scheduled day nor showed up. That's the kind of commitment Sears provides. I recommend stay away...
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I didn't like
  • It was the worst
  • Given go around
I asked Sears Home Services to come and check out my AC unit. Technician came, and gave me an estimate of $2100 for compressor replacement. However, when called to get the repair done, the next guy comes, and Sears can't replace just the compressor and would charge $11k to replace the whole system. Fine. I asked for a refund of the diagnostic charge of $75 for the first repair estimate, since the first estimate provided was BOGUS (Sears wasn't...
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This was my email to Sears Home services; Just canceled my home warranty with you. I will never do business with Sears in any kind of way again. I have thousands of dollars worth of tools from you in my garage I've purchased over the last ten years. I will never buy another tool. Snap On will get my business. I have many repair costs on appliances through you guys and will give those future costs to another company. Even my new garage door...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service management
  • Poor service
  • Lack of tech knowledge
We had central air conditioner installed a year ago. When water appeared below the condenser, two Sears technicians showed up, saying it was the installer's error. The condenser was gravity-fed, and tilted the wrong direction, spilling water on the floor. The tech said the installer was liable, and I was covered by extended warranty. The technicians left….then.....silence. My attempts at phone follow-up have been blocked by clueless service...
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I didn't like
  • Denied warranty service
  • Property damage