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They lie, they lie, they lie...Don`t fall on their super smart salespeople. I read the reviews and almost not buying it than salesperson got me. They installed it wrong, and it took me and almost one year to fix it, still they did not, and i bought 5 year warranty. So...
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Stay away from these clowns if you value your money and property. I live in East central Indiana and wanted a new HVAC system installed thought the company would be from Indianapolis, but no the "project coordinator" and that term is used very loosely is an asshol*...
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I spent $8000 on having Sears install a new central air and hearing unit for the upstairs of my house. Have had problems since the start with two rooms either being way too hot (in summer) and way too cold (in winter). Core of the problem with Sears is that the local...
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I didn't like
  • Disconnect between sales and service
  • Poor follow up
  • Difficulty of getting follow service
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Their bid came in $1700 over the other three bids we got for our A/C unit.We told her no thanks. She said there were $1500 in rebates but we needed to wait until after installation to file the paperwork because we needed the serial number of the unit. We went with them...
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i should have read the reviews before I called Sears to get a quote for air conditioners. No wonder they are so bad. The Sears website clearly advertises. "Prices for Sears heating and cooling Systems range from $2,257 to $5,995." Includes installation. I even...
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