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Update by user Oct 15

The new replacement installation was supposed to be completed on the 10th of October however the electrician did not show up so the HVAC installers said there was no point to stay late working on it when they would have to return the next day any way when the electrician was going to be there because they had to move the unit to another location so that it would fit under the house. They showed up with the same size unit even though the HVAC installer from IRV in Charlotte NC had told me the unit that was under the house was a 5 ton unit and it was way too big for my house but yet that is what they replaced it with.

My guess is that they just didn't want to have to pay me the difference between a smaller unit and the unit that I paid for. Anyway, the next day the 11th of October the electrician never showed up again and IRV said they couldn't get in touch with him and all their other electricians had called in sick. So they contacted Sears and they sent one of their guys out at around 3:00 pm. It got installed on the 11th and they did pull a permit this time.

The inspection was today and it failed because the electrician from Beam Electrical out of Charlotte failed to put the wiring connections needed to extend the unit further down into a junction box. So the saga continues. IRV told me they were going to have an electrician out here tomorrow to fix it. The same guys from Beam Electrical out of Charlotte.

We shall see. But at least I have an HVAC system that works at the moment.

It's just not passing code inspection at the moment. I'm not closing this out until it is fixed.

Update by user Sep 16

Anyone can look at these photos and determine that because this unit was installed directly on the ground which, it is not supposed to be, has caused damage to the unit that would not be present if it had been lifted off the ground at least four inches. The unit was installed on 5/20/2015 it should not be in this condition had it been properly installed.

I am asking Sears to replace the unit but so far I have run into a brick wall. The Service Technician that came out on the 9th stated that it was the worst installation he had ever seen and that it would not pass a code inspection because it was installed directly on the ground. He stated that the failure of the unit was most likely caused by the unit being installed directly on the ground but Sears is refusing to do anything at all about it.

It's the 16th of September and they have now moved my appointment out to the 23rd. I have been without a working system since the 7th.

Original review posted by user Sep 15

My HVAC went out on the 7th of September, would not start. I called it in as it is still under warranty.

They told me they couldn't get anyone out until the 9th. The Technician came out on the 9th and told me the furnace installation was the worst he'd ever seen in his 25 years of working with HVAC systems, he said they installed it directly on the ground and it would not pass a code inspection. He said it needed to be at least four inches off the ground and because it was installed directly on the ground it was most likely what caused the blower motor to fail. He said he couldn't get on in for about four days so he scheduled me for the 17th.

I thought this was crazy so I contacted Sears Home Services Chat help and they rescheduled the repair for Friday the 13th. On Friday the 13th, the second day I had to take off all day for the service technician to show up he completely no showed me, not even a phone call. They had told me that I was last on his list for the day and he would be there after 5pm. At about 5:20 I checked my email and found an email from Sears Homes Services that my appointment had been rescheduled for September 20th the following Friday.

The reason given was because of in-climate weather. It rained about 10 minutes at my house. I again contacted Sears Homes Services and asked why if I was his last appointment for him on Friday the 13th why I was automatically moved to the 20th, a week later. They did not have an answer.

They said they could reschedule it for Saturday morning the 14th. They told me to call at 8 am to find out exactly when he would be there. I called at about 8:30 and they said they were sorry but it did not appear that I had been added to his list. So...

They told me they were going to schedule me again for the 20th. Later that day someone called me back and from the resolution team, Reuben, they will never give you their full names or most like will not give you their real names, anyway, Reuben said he was very sorry for all the issues with getting the unit repaired and for the installation. Reuben said he was contacting the District Manager in my area to make arrangements to have them come out on the 16th. On Sunday morning when I checked my email there was a new surprise email from Sears Home Services telling me my appointment was now scheduled for the 23rd.

So I contacted them yet again and now it's back to being scheduled for the 20th. I told them I had to purchase a portable ac unit just to be able to be able to be inside the home and they basically stated too bad so sad. At this point I have zero confidence in this company. I expect whenever they make me take another full day off because the window they give you is from 8am to 6pm, they still will not fix my unit and it still will not be to code and will still be sitting on the ground in my crawl space still continuing to disintegrate and rust away, This is by far the worst customer service on the planet.

I would avoid using any products by Sears especially if you are needing a new HVAC system. Go anywhere else but to them for any HVAC systems.

I have two huge issues with Sears Home Services right now. My AC is not working and the installation was so poor that it will not pass a code inspection and is damaging my $8K unit that they so poorly installed and I'm out $450 for having to buy a portable AC so I could live in my house and because they keep rescheduling this appointment and have completely no showed me without even a phone call which means I will now have to take yet another day off work when and if they ever come back out here to repair it.

Sears Home Services Pros: There are no pros at all associated with this company.

Sears Home Services Cons: Everything about sears home services is a con avoid at all cost.

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