went to buy new fridge. guy suggested i call repair to come today for $100 in case it could fix.

This was 12/15. Made appt for 12/20. No show. I called and was told he was running late so they'd put the appt window back a few hours but he should've called me so they'd send $20 gift card( not received) he said he could fix for $700+ and showed me a new fridge I could buy for $800.

I asked if there was a guarantee on the repair..he said 90 days.Then told me the best deal would be to buy the whole house warranty which covers all appliances...electric and plumbing in the house. If they can't fix it they'll replace it. That would give me 50% off the repair too.and I could cancel the warranty within 30 days and just pay for other 50% of repair. I was OK with that if repair worked!.

It was not working after he left. I called repair again next day..spent 35-40 mi nutes being transferred around because they kept saying i had warranty plan. i told them what warranty was not in effect for 30 days..I wanted the 90 guarantee on repairs...they said there was no guarantee. (It is on the receipt) one guy said he'd transfer me to warranty dept.I said no I want repair dept.he said OK I'll transfer you to specialty dept and transferred me to warranty dept..they offered me 25% off next repair.

I said no and he came back with 25% off parts..but free labor. The same repairman came 12/22. Said he'd planned to replace motor but it had started to work so he didn't. Replaced it now but told me not to call again til 30 days pass so they'd have to replace it under warranty.

It stopped right away. I called next day and she told me that initial repair had 190 day guarantee so I just needed recall repair which is free of charge. I asked instead for different repairman since he'd spent so much time trying to tell me how he was cutting corners for me and conning sears. 12/27 new guy says bad motor killed new home board.

Replaced it again and new sensor just in case. Said I had option to cancel all and get refund on repair...not working..called next day ..told no refund option they'd send another repairman 12/29 8-noon...I called at 11...they said appt changed to : 12-2pm and repairman should've called me...at noon initial repairman called to say he wasn't coming..they'd tried 3 times and now were turning it over to the high techs but they were on vacation until new years. He'd get them to come as soon as they got back. Got new appt.

Call and received warranty welcome packet...doesn't cover all of what I was told...doesn't sound great..new guy showed up 4 January. Told me he's not a high tech. No such thing. Spent time arguing with repair connection.

Told us a new part would arrive here by ups and he'd return to install it 17 Jan. I'm worried about reaching the 30 day cancellation date with still no working fridge...I called repair # told computer I wanted to talk about warranty cancelling and waited on hold for 50 minutes and was disconnected. Called warranty plan # and was transferred to customer solutions...who told me I should've call warranty plan..so they'd transfer me back...tried yo transfer..said it wasn't working and she couldn't hear me anymore but if I could hear her call back at 80 blah blah (but she had my # she could've called me bac k) called warranty plan back for solutions #. They said now closed but call the supervisor 8 am tomorrow.

I called next day..chose option s as instructed was on hold for awhile then told they're closed on weekends.

Given a web address ..supportservices@cchs.com Web page down.also suggested I call third party membership on Monday. Next step Jesse Jones.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

I didn't like: Zero service, Time being taken advantage of.

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