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Not a warranty issue a repair dealing with Sears customer service. Your first directed to some bot telephone directory which is really difficult to use and most of the costumer service is a foreign call center which is terrible. Your not allowed to talk to your local Sears repair and parts department. I have an old Jenn Air double over that their rep came and tested and needs a new lower control panel and they recommend to by a new oven. I did some searching and found used panels and refurbished but that guy didn’t want to install non new parts. I spoke to a local appliance store and got some leads from them. After all The info I gathered I decided to go refurbished. It was a Saturday and Sara’s came up on my internet searches so I decided to call them and verify my desiccant. I called Sears Tech support and spoke to a parts and repair techniction in the US and he was very knowledgeable about my oven and my situation.after looking up the model and the discontinued part. He told me they can come out and test the stove and the panel to make sure that is the issue, take the part out and they refurbish it and warranty it for 90 days and that I don’t want to get something I don’t know where it came from that way ai know what I have and it’s done right. They can help and he will transfer me to schedule the service. I said great let’s do it that way I don’t have to do anything and it’s taken care of. Next I am talking to a person in another country it took a long time to understand them, get them to understand me and they couldn’t spell California for my email address to sent me a an invoice and 25% coupon on parts and repair since I am a loyal costumer. The next day I called back because the no email came with the coupon and the schedule invoice which included the estimate. The estimate on the phone was $99 for the visit and diagnoses of the problem. $185 to $230 repair and parts. The man this time told me the first person left an “i” out of California and corrected it. It took a long time to get him to spell it correctly he didn’t know how either. I asked him if he could use spell check. Then he wanted to sell me something about a Sears person coming to my house to introduce me to things like a new roof, updating our kitchen etc and it’s free. I declined. It was rediculous talking to these people.

Service guy comes out test the oven says it’s the panel board, it’s obsolete and can’t fix it. Tell him I was told you refurbish it and warrant it. He say can’t install a part like that demands the $99 paid on the spots and leaves.

This where the *** begins. I call the local Sears appliance department because ai don’t want to speak to the non related idiots in the call center and ask them what do I do because I can’t talk directly to your service department. He tells me it’s a problem for them too no one can and to call Sears Solutions and be patient it’s a challenge.

I call back to the tech and parts and we back track through the whole thing. They tell me yes the computer shows what you were told, only a refurbished replacement is available and can be under warranty. We never reach a way to solve what happens after much discussion because they can’t call the local repair people either to discuss why it happens they can’t fix it and then the person says, I can not tell you what I think because we are being recorded but I would research this yourself and find another alternitive. I should have researched Sears is what she was hinting and I mistakenly continued on the process to resolve the service. I called back Sears Solutions that took a long time and they sent me to Sears Repair Solutions. That ended up in them documenting my case as a report and when the person would read my statement the wording was changed. Over three times ai kept correcting them that is not my words. My wife who is an accountant finally came in and said get off the phone we are done with these idiots and never dealing with Sears again. We both have always had great trust and respect in Sears until now. I spent three days over 10 calls of the most rediculous time ever. The customer service hired Is foreign and can not communicate or handle the proper service. The results appears as if I was completely lied to and mislead into spending extra money and time. I already had a repair guy tell me this. I demanded my money back and was told that was impossible you agreed for the service.

Here was the agreement which was discussed with two Sears employees the parts tech and the scheduler I made it very clear I was getting a refurbished part installed. When I called the tech and parts I had already purchased a refurbished replacement part on eBay and the worker at my house, my wife and I had already decided to repair the stove and order the part ourselves then have the original repairman install it. Not buy a new stove

The Sears parts man convinced me not to do that that they will replace the refurbished part and that way I can be reassured it’s done properly and be under warranty that way if something is not right they will come back and fix it. I said great sounds good let’s do it.

I cancelled the ebay order, my guy met the Sears repair man and we were told he can not fix it we need a new oven the part is discontinued and we can’t install a refurbished part or one you give us.

The whole problem here is not really the the employees working at Sears in America it is something between the corporate level sending the customers and employees into a middle zone with this other organization handling the appointments, costumer service and business and agreements. In my research refurbished panels are common and work since original arts are discontinued.

After reviewing consumer affairs rating and yelp it’s obvious this is happening to everyone across the board. Rip of scam from outside the working store of Sears. From talking to the employees they are humbly aware of it too but want to maintain their jobs.

I want this conspiracy in the company or who ever it is behind this to fall and be prosecuted and for the real Sears to be free to practice honest business. I want the customers to be heard and repaid for their mislead and dishonest losses.

I never received the invoice by email nor any returned calls from Sears Solutions like they told me I would. It’s a circle maze of nothing and go no where.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Oven Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $99.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Terrible costumer service, Terrible customer service.

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