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I have been a loyal Sears customer (member) for years and have had with multiple products in my household with extended warranty. I purchase a Nikon CoolPx digital camera around $114.00.

When I first purchase this camera, they told me if was broken and they couldn't fix it, they would replace it with another camera or a comparable camera. However, when I took the camera back to Sears because the battery door/latch was broken, they said they would have to send it off for repairs. They send it back to me repaired but the same thing happen again. I called salesperson at store and told him about the same problem they gave me a toll free number to call and register the problem.

I was sent to several departments and finally I got a customer service represented who said they would sent me a box with instructions to send the camera to their Repair Unit and if they couldn't fix it I would get a coupon to replace the camera. It was a little over a month and I got the camera back but the latch was not fixed and no coupon in the mail. I called and register a complaint and I asked for the CEO of Sears, and the associate gave his name Edward Lampert and his address. I later called and said I wanted to be reimbursed my money back for a warranty that I purchased with Sears, but the associate said that it would be prorated and I would only get $9 back.

I was really upset and I said send me back to the department and I will have them to fix it, I found out thru the our conversation that a product has to be sent back 4 times before they will replace it with a coupon. I asked why didn't they say that up front or I would never gotten the warranty in the first place. I send me back to the repair department and repair associate said that the camera was customer abuse and they couldn't do anything for me. I told him my latch wasn't broken that it doesn't close with my battery or camera card it pops open.

I told him I will never purchase a warranty with Sears again and I will be sending this camera to the CEO because my camera is not scratch or damaged in anyway. I cant believe the customer at Sears, Roebuck and Company is so lousy.

and that I will be telling my friends and family of my horrible experience.

Monetary Loss: $114.

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