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Update by user Jan 14, 2014

hey sears why don't you cut me a check to pay off my house - at this point that's about all you could ever offer me to not think your company and every person in management isn't a complete piece of ***. on second thought why don't you give that money to the tens of thousands of other pissed off customers you have screwed in some way shape or form.

Update by user Jan 14, 2014

FYI the heat pump is still broken at this point I'm just not going to fix it- the hvac company I'm contracting to fix quoted 1000 bucks to fix- sears was supposed to fix for free - so much for their useless *** warranty. I'm sure in the summer when i go to turn on the ac it wont work either - at which point I'm going to rip the unit out and replace the whole thing. Ive also replaced my sears thermostat with a nest -i would recommend it to anybody its nice.

Update by user Aug 23, 2013

this sums up their entire business.

Update by user Aug 23, 2013

I've been ignoring the calls from sears now that i have contracted another company to fix the problem. My AC is working but i need several other repairs for it to run heat before winter.

the contractor i hired figured out all the problems and explained them in detail after getting the ac working. it took him 4 hours by himself and he came out at 7 am before i went to work. sears in the apointments they did keep would only send out 2 techs at a time and after 3 visits couldnt even figure out what the problem was. i received a phone call approx aug.

9th from a sears person telling me they had to cancel my apointment because the tech was sick.


Update by user Jul 09, 2013

i have used over a week of paid leave from work to make these appointments 2 of which they no showed and no call. i have also arranged for house sitters as i live alone. also for the 5 months this thing has been disconnect and the breaker is off - my electric bill has been 0 dollars - my credits from over paying have payed it flat out for 5 months - i guess i figured out where my hi electric bills are coming from.

Original review posted by user Jul 09, 2013

i purchased a new kenmore heatpump july of 2010 a week after i moved into my house which had a working propane gas furnace. i spent my entire new home buyer tax credit on the heat pump and install.

the ac worked until september when i turned the system off. in october when i turned the system to heat nothing happened. i called sears and they dispatched a sub contractor that week. the guy tells me my furnace is a piece of junk and they never should have sold me the heat pump without a new furnace - he was unable to fix the problem.

another sub comes out a week later adn takes my entire furnace apart tells me the heat pump is fine but the furnace is trash and that i should get a new one and that because the problem is with the furnace not the heat pump that any more service calls i make ill be charged for. this is within 4 months of install. i called the sub that installed the unit for sears and they tried to sell me a new furnace under the table. at this point i called a local hvac company recommended by a co-worker- the guy came out the next day and had the heat, ac, and gas all working and switching back and forth within 20 minutes without dismantling my entire furnace.

this worked until the end of december when the furnace literally exploded in the middle of the night. the next morning they came and by the time i got home from work i had a new furnace installed and running. in the spring when it started to warm up and the unit should switch from gas to heat pump i come home from work and nothing- turns out the transformer is blown. they come out and put another transform on it and change out some wires in the heat pump - they are saying the problem is coming from the heat pump and has probably been there since install.

2 weeks later the transformer blows again- they come out and put a new one in. the system runs all summer on ac then of then back to heat for the winter for a year. i should mention i purchased this system to save on propane bills being told it was energy efficient and that i should get 3 to 4 winters out of my gas. in the 3 years if lived here I've spent over 2000 on gas and my average electric bill is over 200 dollars.

I have talked to the power company, electricians, hvac techs, 2 different septic service companies and nobody can tell me why i use so much electricity. to deal with it i auto pay my bill at a hi fixed amount so i build up a credit for any month its outrageous - i have had 450 dollar electric bills. so november of 2012 i come home from work and nothing. i try to call the company ive been using but in the last year they are out of business.

so i call another local company and they come out. again the tech tells me the transformer is blown and the heat pump is blowing it. he physically disconnects the heat pump wires from the thermostat and furnace and fixes it so i can run entirely on propane. he says he will order parts and his office will schedule the install.

i waited 45 days -my gas totally runs out- and i call them to find out the office forgot to schedule the tech and the parts have been sitting for 3 weeks. the tech comes out next day and installs the part and it does not fix the problem- he then spends several hours troubleshooting. he decides to replace the main board on the heat pump and takes the info for it. again he tells me he will order parts under warranty and the office will schedule the install.

i wait 30 days and call his office. apparently they are unable to get the parts for warranty service and weren't going to call me back and tell me to call sears service and have them deal with it. at this point its may of 2012. middle of may sears tech comes out and tells me that the problem is a ground on the thermostat and my furnace isn't installed to code.

he then schedules the next week to come back with a second tech and re-wire the thermostat. the next week he comes back - they rewire it and the heat pump comes on but it wont switch to cool. they trouble shoot for 2 hours then the guy tells me he will be back the next week with another install tech to figure it out. the next week they cancel my appointment and re-schedule for the following week.

now we are into june and its in the 80s- they spend several hours working on it and tell me they are ordering parts and will be back the next week. the parts arrive the sat before service. that monday i have my mother watch my house so i dont have to leave work. they never show and never call to tell me they aren't showing.

i had to call them for them to tell me that they couldn't schedule 2 techs that week and they would have to re-schedule for the 2nd of july. At this point im mad and call customer service - they tell me that its all free because i had a bad experience. the next day i get a roboo call from them saying i need to call and re-schedule. i call in and talk to a guy who then tells me i need to re-schedule for the 8th of july because they don't have 2 techs- he does this but puts in the computer that i called and requested the appointment be moved.

i then call customer service again- i tell the guy im pissed and i want it fixed right now. he promises that they will be there on the 8th and he will make sure they have a senior tech and there will be no more scheduling errors. i *** work on the 8th - at this point the unit has been broken for 5 months with sears setting 7 weeks worth of appointments and canceling all but 3 so far. at 3:30 i call and ask where the tech is at - the lady tells me i have to wait till 4:30 then call back.

i call back at 4:40 and they put me on hold for almost 20 minutes- the guy tells me the routing department will call me back. i then wait till 5:30 and call again. the woman puts me on hold for 10 minutes then a man picks up the phone says something illegible and the call goes dead. i call back at 6ish to complain to technical support.

the lady talking has tons of people talking in the background and she keeps telling me she cant hear me and i need to talk louder- i scream my name and phone number into the phone. she puts me on hold for 10 minute then tells me the routing department is closed and she cant help me. i tell her this is nuts and ask why they keep cancelling my appointments- trying to talk over me she yells out that the tech called off sick. i thought the routing department was closed - how did you know that, to which i respond why couldn't they call me in the morning and tell me they weren't coming.

she then starts yelling out she didnt cancel my appointment and talking to me like a child - so i exclaim i am contacting an attorney about this and hang up on her. about 7 pm after i have cooled down, figuratively not literally its hot as *** in my house, i call again and before the guy can say anything i ask to talk to a supervisor. after 10 minutes on hold he tells me there is no supervisor available and he will have someone call me in the morning. i received no call today except a robo call mid morning to tell me to call in and schedule another appointment.

right now i have a commercial hvac provider helping me resolve this. i do not expect sears to make good on this.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Allen, Texas, United States #705322

I was looking at Sears for replacement of my AC system. After seeing this, I'll just go somewhere else.

I don't need this much hassle. All this did was remind me of how much hassle getting my bed from Sears was. Three weeks of sleeping on the floor as I got rid of my bed the day they were to deliver. Same thing as above...multiple appointments that were never made.

I finally went and picked it up myself.

They did not refund the delivery charge. I'll pass on Sears!!


Dear ashelton0829,

My name is Edwin and I work with the Sears Social Media Escalations team. Please accept our sincerest apologies for level of customer service retendered in reference to the troubles you had with your heat pump and, the scheduling of a service repair. It would be our pleasure to speak to you to and to provide you any additional assistance needed. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (ashelton0829), phone # used at time of purchase to We look forward hearing from you soon.

Thank you,

Edwin C.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

to SearsCares Cleveland, Ohio, United States #705390

I don't believe you will do anything. I have already spoken with half a dozen customer relations people and the only thing it did was waste my time sitting on hold.

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