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I have a Premium Service contract with Sears ($2,800 cost). Sears sent my appliances for kitchen 7 years ago. I always had great service from Sears and renewed the Service Agreement when the first one for the new appliances ran out. They were the best.

July 9, 2016 our 7 year old refrigerator with freezer went out. I called July 10, 2016 for service expecting max of 2 days for service as in the past. All customer service phone numbers are now on an 800 number.That number gets central Texas during the day and Colorado and others places on weekends. Scary.

Pleasant woman heard my story of machine down and my service contract information was immediately in front of her. I waited with my calendar for service date. She said July 19, 2016 for a diagnostic. I couldn't believe it. I said "No, this is serious. Our temperatures are going above 100 degrees." Too bad. Fastest Date, but call every day. We may have a cancellation.

I called every day as I cleaned out the slime of rotting vegetables and frozen fruit and dinners. On Wednesday I used the word "attorney". I got an expediting area. They were polite and appalled at the idea of a 19 day wait. They tried and got me a diagnostic date of July 15, 2016. Not bad I thought. Five days of "urban camping" isn't so bad, is it? I'm 69 years old and my husband is 72. The service tech came out to tell me "Yep, it's not working. Needs a new board and maybe another piece." He ordered them by phone and through the computer for the Kenmore refrigerator. He told me it was actually an LG which is made in Korea. This is why he had no parts for it.

I offered to pay expediting shipping if this nightmare would end the week of July 17, 2016. I asked if that would help when he read back his come-back day to put the part in of July 28,2016. He said "Actually, no. It won't help" He said "his boss" set the day of the 28th and even though the parts were coming to me on the 20th and 22nd he couldn't come back to put them in until July 28, 2016. Again, my tough luck for $2,800.

I asked about the "rental of a refrigerator" which a couple of CS people kept mentioning. He said "Well, ma'am nobody in service recommends that program." I stared at him. Why not (since Sears is offering it). "Well he stuttered. It's kind of about cockroaches. There's a lot of really bad things in the rented refrigerators." Great cockroaches from Sears. But, again, "feel free to call Texas if a canceled appointment comes available."

By this time we are living out of 4 coolers. I am paying $9 a day for ice for 30 lbs of ice, dumping water and restocking ice in 100 degree weather. Food is not holding up well. My plan lets me ask for $249 worth of food if I can prove I lost it. No condiments like sour cream are allowed. I put in a request for $137 with help from Texas. No guarantee I will get it though I lost $209 worth when I just stopped counting. The ice was more than $171 when I stopped counting. The expediters called and e-mailed me that they could get the service technician out on July 23, 2016. Thank God, I thought. They asked if the parts came in (yes) and told me to be available 8 to noon on Saturday. Yes,yes,yes. They even called Saturday morning to remind me. So, we waited, and waited. At 11:40 a.m. I called to ask if the technician was running late. A nice, confused little girl said "Hold on" twice and came back and said "Well, ma'am it looks like nobody scheduled a technician for Saturday. But we do have you scheduled on July 28, 2016." If anyone out there thinks that 19 days is nothing in 100 heat, I defy you to unplug your refrigerator and try it.

The only consolation I have from this experience is knowing that whoever is signing service contracts for Sears is an ***. I live in a town of 300,000 people and Sears Service is being run like we live on a mountain top. We don't. Regular, normal repair service for appliances in this city is 30 minutes to one day. And, they also come on Sunday if you need them. Sears is sending itself down the drain. Anybody who would sign an exclusive contract with one repair outfit and not have a back up local repair outfit is simply ***. Especially if for some incredible reason they think losing customers is saving money.

Does Sears really think this guy and this business are holding down costs by offering the worst service possible in St. Paul, MN ? And Sears as a corporation isn't capable of finding an alternate service repair tech or business anywhere in a city of 300,00 people for Sears customers? Sears can't check this market and find standard 1 day service like everyone in the city gets? You so deserve each other. Nice to know Sears is willing to lose its loyal customers one customer at a time and call it a Sears Home Service.

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