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I have a Sears appliance warrenty. My microwave stopped working.

I called Sears they gave me an appointment for weeks later. Repairman Sato showed up for first appointment. He Ordered parts. Came back 3 weeks later to install part, but all the parts had not arrived.

Sato made new appointment base on when all parts would arrive. He didn't show for that appointment. A New appointment was made he didn't show for that one also. Both times I stayed home All day waiting.

New appointment a week later. Sato shows up installs all parts. Microwave Does Not Work! He claimed he would put in an order for more parts.

I don't hear from him or Sears for a week. I called to find out what is going on. I was told Sato put in paperwork saying that my microwave was working after he installed the parts and closed the work order. Before he left my house I showed him that a cup of water wasn't getting hot.

So when he said he would order more parts he Lied to me . I have not had use of my microwave for over 2 months. Now the insurance part of the company is look for a different service provider to come and fix my Microwave.

I suggest staying away from Sears and their insurance. Its not worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kitchenaid Microwave.

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Took 6 weeks to repair my microwave. The company wouldn’t return my calls nor did Sears when they promised to call me back on several occasions. Completely terrible service and awful reliability.


A couple of thoughts: first of all, we are talking about a microwave, not a real expensive appliance and you made the mistake of buying an extended warranty or whatever they called it. Then, you allowed Sears or whomever to mess around with this inexpensive appliance, never fixing it instead of just throwing it out and buying another at your local Walmart, etc.

Stores like to con you into buying these extended warranties but they are almost always a waste of money and time for on your part.

Dump the microwave, buy another to replace it---certainly not from Sears---and use this as a lesson in saying "no" when they ask you if you want their extended warranty coverage. And, of course happy microwaving.


This is not your $50 Microwave. This is a high end micro/convection oven.

Cost about $2,000.00. Not only is it expensive to replace, it's also expensive for a serviceman to repair.