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Complaint Submitted Your complaint has been submitted and assigned the ID 12531496. For your reference, a copy of your complaint appears below.

You will also receive an email with a link that you may use to view this complaint. The complaint is being handled by the dispute center listed below. Please contact them with any questions. BBB serving Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania (Washington, DC) 1411 K St.

NW, 10th Floor Washington , DC 20005-3404 Web: Consumer Information Date Filed: 11/30/2017 Sal: Ms. First Name: terri Middle Name: m Last Name: rybicki Suffix: Address: {{REDACTED}} Daytime Phone: 8472082348 Evening Phone: Fax: 8472082348 Email: (email) Business Information Business ID: 0236014981 Name: Sears Holding Company Address: 3333 Beverly Rd # A4-244b City: Hoffman Est State/County: IL Zip/Postal Code: 60179 Business Phone Number: (847) 286-2550 URL: The consumer indicated that they WOULD speak to the media about this complaint. Complaint Detail / Problem Complaint Type: Guarantee Or Warranty Issues Problem: My mother as a baby gift purchased a Kenmore dryer from sears and had it delivered to our home Oct. 4th.

After the first use I noticed the back vent grate was black but I thought maybe we got a used product and they were passing it off as brand new. I was reassured it was new when I called. So after about 5 times using it I noticed black burnt stuff on some of our clothes. Didn't think anything of it until the next load my babies brand new pj's were burnt crisp the zipper was melted and it had burnt round circles that matched the dryer grate.

so I changed the dryer temp to air dry and lowest setting possible and the next load came out clothes burnt crisp worse than before. So I called sears again and they set up a technician to come check it out since it was under warranty. Tim came out on November 14th that the earliest they had available. Tim told me it might be because the dryer vent needed to be cleaned.We had them cleaned before it was installed so I told him that's not the issue.

He asked if i set it to the lowest setting and I told him tried that also showed him our burnt clothes. He said its normal for the vent to turn black but shouldn't burn the clothes He ordered a new burner assembly , a duct inlet, and a thermistor with new grate. He said the earliest he could come back to install the new parts was November 27th. So now going on 3 weeks with no dryer.

Tim came back on November 27th installed the new parts 3 days later after my second load of laundry the grate is melted and my clothes are destroyed again. So I call customer service and tell them it's a fire hazard and it needs to be replaced or just refund the money. They tell me they can't do that because I only have 30 days to return a product mind you I was in the 30 day replacement rule but they said they had to send a tech guy out first before they would return a product so they were past the 30 day mark, not by my choice but because they couldn't fix it before the 30 day mark. This makes it impossible as a consumer to return there faulty product.

So after 2 hrs on hold and being transferred and hung up on several times. I spoke to a supervisor by the name of Andrea that told me they can only keep sending out technicians they can not a will not replace the dryer or refund the money. Mind you this is a fire hazard and a liability, but they don't care, they said its not there problem they will send out a technician to replace the same parts again and again and again. Meanwhile what am I supposed to do waiting for a dryer, go to a laundromat because sears refuses to stand behind their products.

I have hundreds of dollars of clothes ruined because of this dryer and there lack competence to fix it and put out a recall on this product. This is unacceptable, putting families at risk because of a fire hazard that they won't acknowledge and fix, but they take your money. I have and will provide all pictures as proof. Dolly a supervisor was suppose to call me back and this fake person never called, which made me more mad after spending my whole morning getting told lie after lie.

I see they have over 900 complaints on file but yet your company gives them an A. Please explain how that's possible? As of today Dec. 19th they canceled my service date for Dec.

28th to rebuild it again from the ground up and informed me that at this time we can either use the dryer as is burning the clothes or junk it, but since we didn’t return it to the store within 30 days and didn’t purchase the $68 a month warranty they legally are not responsible for the defective dryer. They are also sticking by their story that they have only came out 1 time dec. 13 only to fix the dryer. My receipts and home security camera prove otherwise.

In fact they have came out 5 times So I have a complaint out with the BBB and they have not responded to them yet and a complaint with the attorney general's office. I have documented and screenshot every phone call duration, sent pictures of our burnt clothes and provided photos of very service order and receipt. Sears refuses to stand by their product and customer service is appalling. They refuse to transfer you to a supervisor and hang up instead.

They told me they are not allowed to give out there names that it is confidential and won't give out any owners names or the address of where lawsuits are to be sent. Four weeks later and I'm still waiting for supervisor Dolly to call me back. This company is a joke and the public needs to be made aware of the unlawful policy and products they put there name on. Records indicate that Allstate currently has a lawsuit with them for dryers producing fires and property damage so they are aware that there dryers are faulty ,but continue to put them on the market.

Desired Resolution / Outcome Desired Resolution: Exchange Desired Outcome: They need to replace the whole machine with a new one or refund the money so i can take my business else where. They need to recall this product before it causes a house fire. Message to BBB I have several picture of proof i would like to submit Complaint Background Not all of these questions are required. Please provide as much information as you have.

1. Product/Service Purchased: dryer-Kenmore 2. Model Number: 11078132414 3. Contract, Account, or Policy #: 4.

Order #: 40422070 5. Purchase Date: 10/4/2017 6. Date Problem First Occurred: 10/13/2017 Dates you complained to the company/organization 7. First Date: 10/5/2017 8.

Second Date: 11/12/2017 9. Third Date: 11/30/2017 Name of Sales Person 13.

First Name: 15. Last Name: 17.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Dryer.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Hear is a local phone number for you.Call Tom Hoyser 716-570-1391 he is a district manager in charge of home services.

I would also contact your local news media and the bbb.Rochester NY

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