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When they sold the warranty to me they said everything was covered for my appliances and that a tech would be out in a day or two. So I buy the warranty for $50/month.

When I actually call for service, I am on hold FOREVER and switched to three different people. Finally, with the third gal I have a VERY bad connection and she has a heavy accent. Communication was unbearable. Then she tells me that structural items are not covered only mechanical and they won't find some of my repairs!

On top of that she tells me they cannot get here for 9-days. She offered me a referral to a local provider that I had to call because he would "surely get here sooner." Well, this guy doesn't even answer his phone or have an answering machine. I look him up online and he has terrible reviews. I am now on the phone with Sears, yet again, to setup an appointment for their tech to come here and repair my appliances...

9-days from now... maybe... he says they might not fox both appliances in the same service call AND that I need to call another number to ensure that the service call is actually scheduled. Also, when I bought the warranty, the sales guy offered me a free store gift card worth $150.

I am still waiting on THAT! AFTER THEY REPAIR MY APPLIANCES I AM CANCELLING THIS *** WARRANTY. At $50/month it is a major ripoff. Thinking about buying a Sears Home Warranty?

Don't do it. Along the same vein I recently purchased several pairs of leggings form Sears online. So far, two pairs have ripped in the seam after just wearing them once. Sears quality and customer service are a travesty.

Shop somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Hear is a local phone number for you.Call Tom Hoyser 716-570-1391 he is a district manager in charge of home services.

I would also contact your local news media and the bbb.Rochester NY