3113 North Stone Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
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I would not recommend sears. I was very hopeful when I used them for kitchen remodel, and their sales people were so pleasant and eager to please...but their installers dont really care about doing a good job, and they left so many flaws it just didnt have the professional look I was expecting when it was all said and done.

I have skilled family members that would have done better and I wish I had given them my 22,000 dollars instead. It's been a few weeks since the install was finished and I asked them to come back and fix some crooked tiles and parts of floor panels that have separated slightly...and after an initial call saying they would fix it and call to schedule a time...I havnt heard anything since, and I have called and left voicemails every couple days after the first week asking for them to call me back. It feels like now that they have my money they could care less. I mean, what company just ignores a customer calling for a couple weeks with no communication?

Its been blowing my mind. They will no longer be getting my future projects, and my family was going to use them also...how do they expect to stay in business when they treat customers like that? As for the pictures: that's how they left my trim (it looked brand new), and pictures dont show how crooked the tile is enough to do it justice.

Other pictures show the flooring pieces separating, and nail poking up still enough to hurt my foot. Overall looks very unprofessional.

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