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Any one who is reading this forum, please stay away from Sears if you value your time and sanity.

I am currently still resolving my brand-new purchase of a dryer from Sears. And believe me, it's been 2 weeks since the installation date, but it's still not working after about 10-15 calls and 2 scheduled appointment already.....

Please stay away from them, their delivery and customer services are a joke. No respect for the customers.

I knew Sears is a bad guy, but I want to give it a chance. Boy, am I so sorry for doing business with them. My issue is almost the same as everyone is complaining about on this board.

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My mom has had the same issue but with her oven. Over the past 5 years this oven has broken down more then its worked.

She has had SEARS there many many times. More then I care to count. She has requested a brand new oven more then once. This was a brand new oven to begin with.

However they just keep sending more and more people out to fix the display, the doors, and anything else that can break. Even the service guys, whom she knows by first names now, say to her why hasn't she requested a new one? She tells them she has. One even went as far to say with all of his visits and new parts shipped to her they could have gave her two brand new ones and still made out cheaper.

Understand this was one repair man. There have been 4 different ones.

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