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Please continue to post your complaints online. I am currently working to start a class action suit against sears on your behalf.

I am a ex service tech that has spoken with a lawyer Interested in pursuing this. There have been many complaints about the home warranty and master protection agreement. I have a list of complaints that include not covering items, bait and switch, long wait time, bad customer service, being overcharged, not covering replacements and other issues. The master protection agreement is sold by sears, the sears home warranty is owned by cross country.

I will be collecting as much information as possible and keep everybody informed. Rochester ny

Reason of review: Other issue.

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I want to join. My story follows I purchased in 5/2018 a Sears home warranty on my appliances.

First what they sold me in no way matches the actual contract. On Tuesday my 3 year old Kenmore Elite grab and go bottom freezer stopped working altogether. Called the warranty people, thinking so glad I have it, they said we have no one in your area that is available to come out and look at your refrigerator for 2 months. Well I guess there was a cancellation Miss Appliances came out did not even open the refrigerator writes down some part asks for the 75 dollar deductible in cash.

He said he would order the part and be back in 3 to 5 days. One hour later the owner calls and says we don’t do that part. Found out later they don’t do any parts. They are a fraud collecting deductibles from various warranty companies.

Over the next few days got messages that service providers are available. But everyone of them when I called them fell through for some reason or another. Like we don’t come to your area, we don’t work on Sears Appliances, ect I also want to note there are multiple class action and individual law suits against them. One poor lady is going on 5 months with them and no one has repaired her refrigerator.

So on Friday, I decided not to use them, I am pretty sure the bad part is covered under the 5 year manufacturers warranty. So I called the Sears Manufacture Warranty division. Oh another note with the Sears Home warranty you can’t use actual Sears Technicians they are not covered under the contract. So I had an appointment today 10/13 for a Sears Tech to come out in the morning.

This was through the manufacture warranty I would have to pay for labor. I was fine with this and thrilled a real technician was coming to fix my refrigerator freezer that was down since Tuesday morning. Happy Ending No Was looking through my emails Friday evening and saw a cancellation notice for the Saturday appointment. Come to find out, for some reason, the Sears home warranty people saw the appointment, and with out contacting me cancelled it.

Now I have to wait until 10/25 for another Sears Tech under the Manufacture Warranty to come out.Hoping once again the Sears Home Warranty People don’t cancel it. To sum it up total nightmare


Count me in. A tech came out to fix my washing machine on Oct 8 tech pushed a couple of buttons then stated everything was fine.

NOT. I made an appointment for Oct 10 no one showed up though they say they did.

I made an appoint for Oct 11 again no one showed. Now I have an appointment for Oct 12


Fl lawyers fall victim to Sears Kenmore Elite delayed service repair scheme and willing to prosecute class action


Please include me in the class action lawsuit. Sears refused to replace my fridge after deeming it irreparable. Water ice maker Is not working and they are telling me that since the fridge is working, they will not replace the fridge just because the water and ice maker I’m not working and cannot be fixed.


Here is a list of local management to contact, Tom 716-570-1391, Mike 518-331-2341, Lisa 585-455-1711, Darlyene 585-424-0912, Mark 716-536-0159, Bob 716-866-8105, Barb 585-274-9904. If they can’t help you I would recommend calling the bbb and your local news media to do a story on sears. Frank, Rochester NY


Please add me to the list of customers. Issue No.

1: I had ordered air duct cleaning service - and they ended up charging me $3800. I have been trying since June for someone to explain the invoice to me, had numerous promises that a manager would call me back but to no avail. on that ticked they also added in 2 air filters for $199 each that were never delivered. I requested a refund but did not receive that.

Finally the air filters show up, but don't fit - there seems to be no way to return them and receive a refund. Issue No. 2: I ordered repair for my garbage disposal. during that appointment I was sold a cleaning and maintenance check for all my appliances.

The technician did something to my dishwasher that now I can't open it's door.

I seem to be unable to get anyone to help with that. I placed 4 calls already, every time I have been transferred at least 3 times and then put on hold for over 45 minutes.


Defective picture window in my kitchen. The other windows in the house also defective.

The window popped the day after install and the company sent someone out to reinstall the same window. Just found out recently and of course noticing the moisture build up in the window that it is obviously defective and spoke to local window company who indicated that it was defective and that the popping noise was a sign that the seal had cracked immediately. I did complain also about other windows and the moisture leaking in to the point you have to wipe off the other windows but the Sears said it was the moisture in my house and refused to come out on several occasions. I contacted them a 3rd time and they said I would have to pay $125 for them to come out, etc.

Why would I want anything else from them. And, to think my Son worked in their backroom in Enfield CT for 1 whole year! What a ripoff!

I wonder if our CT Attorney General's Office is pursuing anything. I didn't file a complaint, yet.


Please add me to these customers. My refrigerator has been broken for more than a month,2 technicians came, changed the compressor and still, my refrigerator is not working.

I pay a good amount monthly for the insurance and my service agreement states that if someone came and problems was not resolved I should get a new product, however, sears wants to send another technician in 10 days. I am fed up with them.

to Priscila DeBarros #1567178

My email pridebarros7@gmail.com


Pleas add me to the list of customers who have been ripped off by this disgusting company. Hopefully we can help them go completely out of business.


I live in a home in south Texas. The AC went out and I called Sears Home Warrantee.

I paid the $100 initial fee for them to check it out. They came out 2 days later. Was initially told that they needed to get a part at the shop and would be back in 1 or 2 days. I just got an email saying that the part wont be in for over 2 weeks?

I called the local AC place and they said they could fix it for $40 and they have the part. So this seems like a bait and switch. Let's tell them it takes 2 weeks to order a part, . .

. in a world where there is over-night shipping . . .

so that they go and fix it themselves and Sears Home Warrantee gets to keep the $100. Jason.a.pilbin@gmail.com


Can I add to your endeavors to sue sears - they won’t pay out in a settlement and it been 6 months


Same complaint as everyone else. Getting the run-around from Sears!

I purchased the service agreement along with buying a Samsung $3500 Fridge 2 years ago. The ice maker has never worked, they have been out 4 times for this alone. Now, both the fridge and freezer have been out since 8 Aug. Only number to dial is in the Philippines, this has gone beyond ridiculous.

Even the company that is supposed to be servicing the order will not return my calls or answer the phone. I am going to take the fridge to Sears (where purchased) and leave it by the front door. They can pay the fee to take it to the dump where it belongs.

TOTAL RIP OFF DO NOT BUY FROM SEARS! No wonder they are going out of business!


Is there someone filing a lawsuit against Sears Home Warranty? Very interested if there is a class action lawsuit.

I see my story in many of the stories posted here. No need to repeat the frustrations.

I ended up canceling the contract and buying a new fridge. I would like to at least get refunded for the monthly payments that were made over the years


just waited 114 days for a/c replacement determined to make then pay so we waited. Then also had to pay 1300$ just to get done . rip off] dbwilson9277@bellsouth.net


Contact the FTC. They may be able to assist you with success. Good luck!


I was double charged on my debit card while in a city away from home, and no one would return my calls to give me my money back. It was a weird situation because my payment was approved the first time but my reciept would not print so they made me do it again at another register.

They gave me a return number that did not work, and then they closed the store. Hate that place.

to Lea Santy #1560865

To all of you, Contact the FTC...


Hi, my washer had needed all of th suspensions replaced within a week of purchasing it brand new. 9 months later they refuse to fix or replace my stackable washer, which was installed by Sears as well. I am on board with this class action suit.

to Thornhill #1560867

Contact the FTC

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