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Please continue to post your complaints online.I am currently working to start a class action suit against sears on your behalf.

I am a ex service tech that has spoken with a lawyer Interested in pursuing this. There have been many complaints about the home warranty and master protection agreement. I have a list of complaints that include not covering items, bait and switch, long wait time, bad customer service, being overcharged, not covering replacements and other issues. The master protection agreement is sold by sears, the sears home warranty is owned by cross country.

I will be collecting as much information as possible and keep everybody informed.Rochester ny

Reason of review: Other issue.

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Casey Ajalat

Hi...I've had my Kenmore Elite Fail as well (LG rebranded).Compressor failed in less than 4 years.

What do I need to do or are there any recommendations on resolution?

Has there been any resolutions on this?Thanks.


where to mail a complaint letter for Sears home warranty or number to call or email?the numbers I call, they all say the same thing.

" I understand your frustration........." but don't do anything to actually help fix the problem.which in my case is, fix or replace my refrigerator.


I've been having issues with Kenmore refrigerator since 7, 2017.Had someone here on 3/27 to fix it again for the 4th time the next day it was worst than before.Getting someone to help you, is just not possible, I feel like I'm talking to a robot.

my fridge and freezer have not been working for over 2 weeks and now o have to wait another week and half for a tech because parts are not in.

and they are not giving me a replacement.Very, very disappointed with Sears home warranty.

to Ana #1460881

I am having the same issues Ana.Just had a tech out last night after waiting nearly 3 weeks of them not showing/saying we weren’t home/or saying that they came.

Finally the tech showed up last night and prdered the parts to fix it in 10 days.Magically our refrigerator quit working last night and we now have to go buy a mini fridge to keep our children’s milk and stuff cool in the meantime while they say that there is no fault to them, even though they did not show the several other times they were scheduled.


I requested repair on a dryer (broken drive belt) from Sears "Blue Service Crew" in February.On February 12th a technician came to my home to assess the repair needs, and after inspecting the dryer, he indicated that he could install a new belt and repair the dryer.

He ordered the replacement belt from his computer and scheduled a date to return and install the new belt (3/6/18). He indicated that I had to pay in advance for the part and the labor for the repair, and I did so at that time (2/12/18). On March 6th the technician returned to install the belt, which had arrived in the interim. After several minutes looking at my dryer and then spending 20 minutes more on his cell phone, the technician advised me that neither he nor anyone else in their repair department could install the belt, because this was a model of Bosch dryers that they had no experience with.

I asked him what I was going to have to do to get the belt installed, and he advised me that I could try another appliance repair company to see if they could repair this model dryer. I asked him if I would get a refund for the work I had paid for and Sears could not do, and he informed me that I would receive a refund for the labor, but not the part (belt) that he would leave with me (it was the correct belt for the repair). He also informed me that I would receive either an email or telephone call from Sears within 24 to 48 hours regarding the refund of the labor charges.After not hearing back from Sears by March 9th (72 hours later), I called the 1-800-4-MY-HOME telephone number and after waiting to speak with someone for over 20 minutes, asked for the status of my refund. I was given a case number and told that the refund was being processed and that I would hear back from Sears in 48-72 hours.

After not hearing anything from Sears by 3/14 (120 hours), I called the number again (long wait), and was subsequently advised that it was being "processed" and that I would hear from Sears within a week to 10 days. On 3/20 I again called to inquire about the status of my refund and this time advised that the case had been closed with no refund authorized. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Loiza (supervisor) then advised me that she could not help me and that I would have to dispute this with the "billing department." I asked for a number to contact the billing department and was advised by Loiza that there was no number because they were "offline." She told me that I would receive a call from the billing department within 24-48 hours.Since 3/20 I have called a different number 1-800-479-5899 on three separate occasions (3/26, 4/2, and 4/4), each time asking to speak with a supervisor and each time being told that they would document my dispute and "the processing team" would call me back" (24-48 hours).

On 4/4 I received a voicemail from Sears indicating that I could call back at 1-800-479-6051 regarding my dispute. I immediately tried to call the number and got a recorded message "we're sorry the number you have dialed is unavailable from your calling area." I then called 1-800-479-5899 and was again advised that my complaint would be documented and I would receive a return call within 24-48 hours.

Today is April 7th and I have received no calls or emails from Sears.Having read the litany of complaints documented in this blog, I believe this is a common practice of Sears "Customer Solutions." Unfortunately this "solution" is outrageous and unacceptable.As a very long-term customer of Sears, I will never shop there again.


I am sick of Sears service.The wait times are unbelievable I have been without a refrigerator now for a month.

The first tech they sent said that the thermostat was the problem so he order it took two works to arrive. Then called to make appointment to install had to wait another week. 2nd. Tech show up and informs me that the thermostat was not the problem but the compressor was leaking.

Now they have to order parts again and when it gets here need to schedule another day for them to come back. Each time they give date to return it's between 8 AM and 5 PM so we can't leave home to do any business. To top this off when i ask to speak to a supervisor no one calls back.

So i went to the local service center and demanded to speak to supervisor guess what no one was around all out of the office.If this law suite is for real count me in.


Horrible customer service.Horrible!

I’ve been hung on and transferred a million times.Made appointments they would come out not correct issue.

Charge deductible.Not show up for sheduled appoints.


Still without water heater for 5 days now.Must be a small group of people working their Protectiin Agreement Benefits Administration call center at 800-795-5030.

They are the people who are suppose to make things happen and the same person keeps answering my call and is now hanging up on me, is silent, and the last call the voicemail said for “some unsee circumstances this office is currently closed” at 11:15am on Sunday March 25, 2018.

Haha, what a joke...when do they refund me my timing payments I’ve been making for the last 10+ years??


Read the article that Sears did 54 million repair visits in a year. Should be able to find 100,000 complaints even if Sears was 99.8% perfect.


Sears solicited to check my oven on February 14.They were there because of a botched dishwasher install.

Broke my oven—which was cooking chilli AS THEY INSPECTED IT!!

One month later my stove is still broken.Heard today it may be 3 months more and there is nothing Sears can do.


Frig has broken down three times and it's been over 2 months waiting for it to be repaired. On each scheduled date for serving, they rescheduled the appointment and said it was due to a scheduling service even after I called to confirm the appointment that day.


Sears home services is a nightmare.I've been without a fridge since the beginning of January 2018.

It took 4 technitions, back ordered parts that I could have bought myself no problem online, and my fridge is un-repairable.

I'm waiting so far a week just for a phone call about a replacement.I recieved a call that I unfortunately missed.I was told that there is a 400 dollar price difference I need to pay to get a replacement.Calling in gets me a script read by an operator that someone will call me back but that hasn't happened.


This situation sits unresolved after over five months.I contacted Sears to do an annual maintenance check on my garden tractor last fall.The technician checked it over and told me it was in good working order.

Shortly thereafter, it wouldn't start. I scheduled a repair appointment.The technician arrived and checked the tractor. He told me he thought it was "losing compression" on one side of the engine, and that he needed to replace some seals. He ordered the parts and rescheduled.When he returned he told me that the correct parts did not come and that he would have to reorder them and reschedule again.

He then proceeded to sell me a complete tune-up package that included oil change with filter, new plugs, fuel and air filters. During this process, the tech installed the oil filter incorrectly dumping the oil onto my garage floor. He did, however, clean it up.When he returned he replaced seals on both sides of the engine. He started the tractor by jumping it, and told me to let it run for a couple of hours to recharge the battery.

He then left. I let it run as instructed. Afterwards, it would not start, even when jumped.I scheduled another appointment.He returned and told me that my protection agreement didn't cover batteries, so I would have to pick one up at my expense and that he would put it in. I pulled out my protection agreement and showed him that tractor batteries are indeed covered.

He took a picture of the section of the agreement that applies and sent it to his boss. His boss then called him, and according to the tech - "chewed his butt out for discussing this with me, that he (the tech) was not qualified to interpret protection agreements, and that I probably FORGED the document." He then left.I called again and rescheduled. The tech arrived, put a meter on the battery and took a picture with his phone, told me that his boss told him to do that and leave.I contacted Sears again and confirmed that the battery was indeed covered, and they rescheduled yet another appointment.The technician (Stephen) left me a voicemail telling me that he was "ordering me a battery."I followed up four times and finally learned that the battery was not ordered and that they would then order one and again reschedule. I followed up again and was told that they cannot ship batteries (I guess they just learned this) and that the tech would pick one up at the warehouse in route to my service appointment.Since then I have had five scheduled appointments, five afternoons away from work, and five no shows.I called Stephen and was told that the no longer were covering my tractor due to abuse, and told me he could not be of any help and then .

. . hung-up on me.I responded to a survey about my service experience where I was asked to rate the service from 1 (lowest) TO 5 (best). I gave them a zero with explanation.

I received a call from what I deemed to be a man of competence (in California) named Andrew the following day.Andrew looked into my case, and is working as an advocate.

From Andrew I learned of multiple issues with this technician and that Sears is experiencing difficulty finding and keeping service personnel.Those competent technicians in our area are now gone, Mike (retired), Jeff (quit due to hours), and Charlie, who had serviced us well for years, had to leave for cancer surgery and treatment.We have been on multiple protection agreements for 20 years, and are disappointed that this is what Sears has become.


I have purchased home protection agreements on 6 of my appliances.Dealing with them to my microwave has been a nighmate.

Stalling, not returning calls and blaming it on the repair contractor, who I will admit was less than professional and a procrastinator too.My concern is that I am out several hundred dollars because sears canada closed down. I have been advised the protection agreements will not be honored. Do I have any recourse?

I feel I should at least a partial refund.Some appliances should have several years warranty left.


Apparently I'm one of the lucky ones after reading all of this but still had to post.I somehow got out of my warranty contract but am still fascinated that Sears is able to run such a fraudulent business.

At the same time we were cancelling our agreement we had gotten an email of a special to do preventative maintenance and cleaning (cleaning is the key word here) for $199 on 5 appliances. The email takes you to this link on their own website which has very clear pictures of the before and after of them cleaning a washing machine and other appliances. https://repair.searshomeservices.com/maintain_cleanWe had them come out really only to get the appliances cleaned because we can't get our washing machine cleaned and figured it was worth a try and they specifically say "we clean where you can't". So they came out and cleaned nothing and I have tons of mold still.

I have called at least 10 times and emailed which is when I realized they are running a fraud ring. Nobody there knows what I am talking about and says that they don't perform any cleaning and never have. I even point them to their own website and the person on the phone says they don't know what to tell me but they don't clean. So then they tell me they will put in for a refund issuance which of course takes days without anyone ever calling me back.

I follow up and they read a report on my claim that says no refund will be issued since the service is non-refundable. When I ask to speak to someone higher up there is nobody and they give me the email address shc@customerservice.sears.com saying that is my only recourse and that is the corporate office.

I have gotten emails back from that address saying it isn't the right address and it is just a backend email address and they give me the same phone number to call where I have gotten nowhere.There is clear fraud going on here and it is just amazing to me any company could get away with this let alone Sears and really hope someone does something about this.I will also be reporting them to the BBB.


Here is a list of sears and a&e home services manages phone numbers.Tom 716-570-1391, Mike 518-331-2341, Lisa 585-455-1711, Darlyene 585-424-0912, Mark 716-536-0159, Bob 716-866-8105.You can try them, they are located in the US not overseas. Tell them if they cannot resolve your issue your last option will be reporting Sears to the news media. Rochester NY


I purchased a Sear Kenmore Elite Refrigerator 5 years ago-On Jan 3rd my Compressor stopped working.I call Sears to have a Tech come over to fix my Fridge.On Jan 04 and Tech came over and removed the Compressor and order a new one.$650.00 But he had "Good News" If I signed up TODAY for there Home Appliance Warranty I can save 50% off the Bill .But They said "If we cant fix it we will replace it with a New Fridge" and The Tech said it would take 7-10 days to fix .After 17 days the compressor finally arrived.

Tech came over and tried to install the new unit. It didn't work. After 3 hours he said LG shipped him a Bad compressor. He will order a new one- after another 20 days no word I called and was told the the UPS had damaged the unit and it was sent back to LG.

Nobody thought to order a new unit. Well I had to call and ask if a new unit is on the way. They said no- but they will order one-. My Tech Kevin showed up at may house 12 days after that call asking me wheres the New Compressor ?

the unit was NOT ordered- The Tech thought the unit was delivered- it wasn't he had to order another unit. Once the new unit came in The tech installed the unit and guess what- it didn't work..he order a new - This is the 3rd compressor.Well its now 2-28 and the Tech got the compressor to work- But He said its also a Bad unit- The new compressor makes a Loud noise I can hear sitting in my family room- Tech said I should get a replacement Refrigerator because hes been to my house 4 -5 times and still I don't have a completely working compressor.So Kevin's manager said " ORDER ANOTHER COMPRESSOR" This will be 4 compressors. Sears has spent much more $ with the Tech coming to my house 5 times and 4 compressor. I should tell you..

I signed up for the Home Warranty Plan .I signed up and paid a Monthly Fee. I was promised if they cant fix it they would replace it with a new one.And now I find out that They will only give you a credit for $500 towards a new Fridge Nobody told me this.

I found out because I called to Cancel my warranty and they told me.And here's the kicker= they are charging a +$500 early termination fee.- These Guys are Scams- your paying $49 month for a $500 credit if they cant fix and- bill you $500 termination fee

to Bill O #1440396

The $500 credit applies to repairs within the first 30 days of getting the home warranty. It is explained in the welcome packet that you received after signing up.

to Anonymous251 #1440792

sears requires their techs and customer service line to sell those to everyone to keep their job . we are harassed daily about it and are told to say anything to get the sell


Our Kenmore Elite has broke down at least 4 times.It hasn't worked for 1 month.Their answer, parts are back ordered.Is there truly a class action suit happening?

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