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Please continue to post your complaints online. I am currently working to start a class action suit against sears on your behalf.

I am a ex service tech that has spoken with a lawyer Interested in pursuing this. There have been many complaints about the home warranty and master protection agreement. I have a list of complaints that include not covering items, bait and switch, long wait time, bad customer service, being overcharged, not covering replacements and other issues. The master protection agreement is sold by sears, the sears home warranty is owned by cross country.

I will be collecting as much information as possible and keep everybody informed. Rochester ny

Reason of review: Other issue.

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I have remained a Sears customer way longer than I should have. My list of problems with Sears is also a long one. Let me know where to sign up for a class action suit.


Kenmore Elite 4 drawer bottom freezer (Made by LG) purchased 11-2017 Bad Compressor per the repairman that was sent here from Sears. Food is spoiling as I type this.

Compressor part is covered but was informed that can take up to 3 months to get. Still have to pay for service call and installation and rotting food and what the *** to do until the refrigerator is actually fixed.

Was also informed that the compressor can go out again in 2 years as is same compressor. Wonderful.


Add me to your complaint list. Another Kenmore Elite Refrigerator purchased 9/2016 and compressor went out 8/2019.

We are still waiting on a service technician to come out. Wages lost, hours spent on the phone and nothing.


Our Sears Kenmore elite refrigerator stopped getting cold and we needed to have it repaired two years into owning it. We scheduled for a visit from Sears service department and a Sears tech came out and told us exorbitant amount it was going to cost to fix it but talked us into purchasing their home warranty service.

Which we did do. We maintained that service agreement for almost a year and then our air conditioning unit broke. It took almost 3 weeks to have a tech come out to look at the unit and then tell us that it was totaled. He warned us that Sears was going to be charging us extra fees for ductwork, permits and all types of other incidentals.

He warned us that we would be responsible for more than just the $100 deductible that was promised to us when the contract agreement was sold to Us by the service tech. He was right. Our first estimate was for almost $8500 Sears agreed to pay 3200 of that and we were responsible for the rest. When we called and spoke to who they claimed was a manager in the service department he said that he would cut us a check for the 3200 and then we could hire someone on our own do you replace the unit .

We waited but never heard back. When we were finally contacted the service agreement person told us that they would cut us a check for a little over $1400. Nothing like what we had been told. The person that came to do the repair estimate had forwarded me the invoice With the large number of $8500 to be charged to us to repair our unit.

I had all the proof in the world and I argued for over an hour with who claimed to be a resolution specialist. This person told us to forward that invoice to an email that she had given us and wait for a response. We are now receiving a letter stating that we are approved for the repair and that we were responsible for $1300 to pay for incidentals such as permits, ductwork, aluminum, and others items. That is above and beyond the $100 that we owe for the service visit.

We have called multiple times I’ve been told that there is no one in upper management that can be contacted regarding this. We have been told that the invoice that we received was not correct and that they never approved that invoice. I have been given the runaround for almost a month. All the while it’s been hot and sweltering in our house.

They have yet to actually give me a list of things that we will be charged for and what would cost $1300 on top of the repair. I have requested many times and nothing has been forwarded to me. I have also requested what the actual cost of the replacement of the unit would be. To no avail I’ve heard nothing back.

I feel taken advantage of scammed and told lies. The service tech that sold me this plan which I’ve paid almost $1000 into said that we would only be responsible for a $100 deductible and that everything would be covered up to To $15,000 per appliance with a cap Of $50,000 per calendar year. This is so far from the truth and Sears is deceiving customers.The technician that came represented Sears but pretty much told me he had canceled his policy because of what he had just told me. I would appreciate it if you could get this class action lawsuit together.

Sears should be held accountable for this deception and fraudulent business practice. Barbara Laucella


My refrigerator stop being cold on July 2nd but the freezer part was freezing so I called my home warranty number. Figure that I wouldn't see anyone till the next week as it was the 4th of July week.

I had a repairman come out on the 7th and he ordered a compressor and another part and rescheduled an appoint for 2 weeks out. The appointment was to take place between 8-12 and at 11:45 received a call that we had to call and reschedule the appointment which was to take places 2 weeks out. Finally a new repairman came and installed the new parts and told my husband to watch because there might be some leeks in it and putting a new compressor in wouldn't solve the problem. Why he didn't take time to see if there was any leeks at that time in questionable.

Sure enough after 3 days the refrigerator was warming up and then my freezer went on the blank and everything was rotten in there. Called again on Friday and requested them to come and fix it again and guess what 2 weeks again before they can come out. Again the repairman had to order parts and told us yes indeed there was 2 leeks that had to be fixed. The parts came in about 10 days ago (Aug 1 or 2nd) and the repairman was to come yesterday (Aug 9th ) between 1-5 to fix it.

Now 2months to the day from the first repair call and at 4:50 we get a message can't make it today call this number to reschedule again. Sept 23 was the earliest appointment available and was asked if I wanted it. *** yes I Want it for the next day not another 14days out. Never can talk to a supervisor always told they would have a call back place for within 24 hours.

NEVER received any of the 3 call backs from a supervisor. Half the time when I call to get an appointment they ask for the telephone that the contract in under and they say they can't find a warranty contract for us. BUT they can find every month to take the money out of my bank account.

This has been going on for 10 weekds now by the time of my next appointment if it happens. What can be done as I am at my wits end.


Im having a terrible time with Sears home warranty, i called them to come fix my icemaker 2 months ago, the parts arrived but they wont come back, and now they tell me they wont fix my ice maker and that i will either haft to accept half the cash value of my current fridge, or accept a lesser model. Where can i find more info about this lawsuit?


I give up. Sears wins.

They get to keep my money, not reimburse me for the spoiled food, give me no service and inconvenience me for 31 days while I wait for their repairman.

I am buying another brand of refrigerator. I have not had any refrigeration for 31 days!!!!!!.


I have a kenmore refrigerator purchased 9/16 and the compressor has gone out . I have called the home warranty and have been placed on hold for over 25 mins then hung up on .

I have gotten on the chat window and asked to have a service technician come and was scheduled but they did not show because the warranty people gave them the wrong number . When I called to complain and ask for a supervisor, I was placed on hold again and a lady named Elenia placed me on hold for over 25 mins and when some one answered they hung up on me . I went to the sears where I purchased the item and spoke with a salesperson . I called again from the store and was told I had a rescheduled appt .

I asked for the contractors name and number . I was given the wrong number for the contractor but luckily the person who answered the call knew the number . I called the contractor who told me that the appointment made by the warranty company was not even a date available on his calendar but rescheduled me for the next day and he also had the wrong number for me . After a week of going back and forth with the warranty people the contractor tells me I need a new compressor .

The warranty is supposed to cover lost food but I can’t get through to even find out how to get reimbursed. I also want my refrigerator replaced not repaired .

When I went to the store I was told to talk with the store manager . The number is just like the home warranty and there is no prompt to get the manager then when I called the appliance department , I was told the manager was not there when the night before I was told she would be there at 10:00 am !

Larry Taylor
Home Improvement Expert
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Customers like the company sales representatives and technicians, but they are dissatisfied with poor customer service. If you need to contact Sears Home Services Customer Support, you may check out the company contact details on the Contacts tab of the Pissed Consumer website.

Please notify me if this becomes a class action law suit


please let us know more about the class action lawsuit, we want to be part of it.


Me too!!


I purchased a refrigerator from Sears in 2016 and it stopped cooling and freezing in 2019. Had a hard time getting a repairman out but finally got appointment for 2 weeks out.

In the meantime, I found out that my refrigerator was manufactured by LG so I called their customer service directly and solicited assistance from them. They gave me an appt for 4 days later that week. Something happened in the interim because Sears Home Services took over and sent me a text saying that my appt scheduled for 2 weeks out had been rescheduled for 5 days later that week. When I called to dispute this and said I already have an appt with an LG technician for 4 days later.

They confirmed yes that I was correct. I had also troubleshooted my refrigerator and told them it was the compressor that was faulty and told them to make sure the technician brought a compressor when they came out. SHS told me that the normal procedure was diagnosis, ordering part, set another appt to install part. The procedure included costs of diagnostic fee and labor for installation of compressor.

At the same time that the technician was installing the bad compressor on my refrigerator, I ran across information on LG's website that indicates a revision in their warranty on all their refrigerators to include labor and parts from 5 years of purchase. The technician did come prepared with compressor for my unit as my diagnosis was correct. Sears still charged me $99 diagnostic fee with a total of $416 for this service call.

This is outrageous. I pray a class action is in the works and I am interested in joining.


Please include me if still pursuing. My Elite refrigerator broke down 3 weeks ago and service and warranty has yet to determine what is wrong or the cause.

First repair appointment, the tech came late and ran a few diagnostics and supposedly reset the circuit board and said that should fix the problem. I asked him to order a new one since I have master protection warranty, he reluctantly did. Part was ordered and delivered with 48 hours but could not get an appointment to install the new part for a week after it was received. Second appointment, the tech was late by 2.5 hours.

Part was installed. However, the refrigerator is still not working. Called and made the third appointment for which the tech never showed up.

In between have spent hours and hours on the phone with Customer Service, Customer Care, Benefits Department, Scheduling, etc. And customer service is beyond horrible.


Please include me also! I have been trying to repair a refrigerator for 1.5 years that is cool at best.

We have to eat stuff in a day or else it goes bad. The latest part of this scam was that a service technician from some affiliated company came, I paid him the $75 call fee, he told me that the refrigerator needed to be replaced, but that maybe a part would do the trick, and then left. He then failed to report anything to his company apparently, which in turn didn’t file anything with the warranty company. The warranty company said they would assign another service provider and waive the next fee.

Well, the next provider wants their $75 and said I should talk with my warranty company again. Basically a run around while sears takes their $600 for the year up front.


Include us in your lawsuit. We have been waiting for four months for Sears to honor their warranty on a Kenmore Elite refrigerator that failed less than one year after purchase.

They have scheduled seven service appointments with us and failed to show up five times. The two times they did show up they ordered parts and did nothing else beyond telling us to call and schedule an appointment for them to come back and actually begin the repair work. We have received at least eight shipments of parts that we currently have unopened in our living room. When the cancel each appointment it’s always after their appointment window has expired requiring someone to take off of work and wait for them.

We realized that we could have purchased two refrigerators for the amount of wages we have lost waiting for them. As we have small children in the house it became untenable to continue to wait for them to perform their repairs and , at the end of the fourth month without, we have purchased a new refrigerator from another source. That was delivered On July 14.

Sears called July 15 to cancel their next appointment that was scheduled for the 20th. This was the first time they have canceled in advance and since the 20th is a Saturday it’s the only appointment time they ever have us that didn’t require someone to stay home from work.


You can include me in the lawsuit. Under my extended warranty they were supposed to pay for lawn care since it took them 3 weeks to fix it.

They refused to pay me the 150.00 for the 3 times I had to hire it done. They said I was rude when I told the no one will mow 4 acres for 50.00.

They total bill was 450.00 for three mowings and they paid zero.After reading the fine print and seeing they only will pay 50.00 per mowing I said to send me the 150.00 and I would pay the rest. They never entered my claim and said the were not going to since I was talking small claims court and was rude because I didn;t say goodbye when I hung up the phone


I want to be included in any class action suit. I have been waiting over a month for service on an under warranty refrigerator.

I have had 4 appointments which they have not shown up for, no call, no email.

When I call for a new appointment (after being on hold for at least 45 minutes), they give me a date and time, then don't show up. I AM FED UP WITH SEARS!!!


SEARS failed to repair or replace my refrigerator even after about one year. I took it to the court and won and the sears is supposed to give me $9000+, but the sheriff went to store and didn't get any money since they have filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Would like to join the lawsuit.


I have been dealing with Sears home warranty every month since Feb 5 2019. My GE refrigerator freezer has been defrosting every month since Feb costing me over a thousand dollars worth of food being thrown out.

A different repair every month comes out and assures me that it is fixed. Fills it with Freon and leaves. My last service was July 2 it is July 11 an again freezer defrosted 9 days later. Called Sears repair man cannot come out till next week.

Would love to join the lawsuit.

I cannot deal with their customer service or repairman anymore. Nothing but lies.