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Please continue to post your complaints online. I am currently working to start a class action suit against sears on your behalf.

I am a ex service tech that has spoken with a lawyer Interested in pursuing this. There have been many complaints about the home warranty and master protection agreement. I have a list of complaints that include not covering items, bait and switch, long wait time, bad customer service, being overcharged, not covering replacements and other issues. The master protection agreement is sold by sears, the sears home warranty is owned by cross country.

I will be collecting as much information as possible and keep everybody informed. Rochester ny

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I called Sears services on July 6, 2018 to ask someone to come and give me an estimate for a bathroom renovation. Then I got an email saying the appt was scheduled.

When I called to change the appointment time, the agent told me that I would need to get the plumbing fixed first before the renovation took place. So I cancelled the appointment. It wasn't until October that I found a reasonable plumber and got the bathroom fixed. Yesterday I was looking at my chase bill and noticed $69.99 taken out of my Chase freedom card since July 8.

Apparently they've been taking $69.99 out of my account since then. I had no idea. So yesterday in a chat I was told to call Customer Service. I had to wait and got cut off.

Finally I spoke to a women who told me she could credit me for the month of December but that since it was past 5 months they wouldn't give me my money back. I didn't receive any other email since July 8. I had no idea I had this waranty and no idea the money was taken out of my account.

I have a small condo and really no great need for this plan. The lady told me to call Corporate to dispute.


We have a Service Agreement for our rental AC/Heating unit: Carrier. Sporatic heat since November 21, 2018.

Technicians have been out 4 times! Very incompetent. Sears says the part was ordered November 27, but not shipped yet........this is December 3rd! They say we have a service date for December 17th.

That will be almost a month with no dependable heat and the temperatures are 32-50 degrees right not. How do we get on the class action suit?


I'm definitely in. $2000 Kenmore Elite refrigerator.

Purchased the warranty right at the 2 yr factory warranty ending. Refrigerator failed just 5 weeks later. I thought I got lucky. Turns out the warranty I purchased doesn't actually cover replacement as I was told.

It covers up to $500. So I'm out $2000 plus $200 on the warranty but I get $500 towards another unit or I can continue with the repairs. So I've been dealing with the repair schedule and one repair after another, waiting weeks, sometimes even a month for parts and the next available appt. for the service call.

My first call was around June 18. Its now Dec 1 and after 5-6 appointments and multiple repair attempts, I have a duplicate (second compressor) repair scheduled another month away (12/31). They have now replaced the compressor, replaced the condenser, recharged the system twice, one time said I wasn't here when in fact they never showed up, and 3 times been here and left because of waiting for parts. This is the worst experience I have ever had with not just the warranty itself, but the service as well.

I am interested in being a named plaintiff.

If not, at a minimum I can fully document my case and join the class. Joseph Nosal 626.319.0722 joseph.nosal@gmail.com


We are 8 weeks without heat in the dead of winter. I have a child.

This company has no moral conscious.

I have already submitted a complaint with the Attorney General in our State requesting the company be denied any further sales to our residents. I would very much like to be involved in a class action lawsuit.


In short, my (1.5 year old) Samsung LED 4K TV suffered internal screen damage while the exterior is intact, basically unexplainable damage. After months and months of phone calls to include several with escalation department, they claim "owner abuse"!

Totally unacceptable and this without so much as sending an agent or tech to physically inspect the TV. I am very interested in joining a class action against them.


t is now over 6 weeks since my 87 year old blind friend (who lives alone) contacted Sears to have his fridge repaired under his Sears home service contract. Since Sears refuses to say when the repair will be completed, I requested that Sears deliver a loaner refrigerator so that my blind elderly friend won't have to worry if the food in his cooler has gone bad.

No can do said Sears. With "service" like this, no surprise the company is failing.


Looking for class action lawsuit for horrible and long, drawn out nightmare regarding Sears and work they did in our home. Would like to be kept in the loop, thanks!


Any luck? I'd very much like to join the LONG list of people asking for this to happen.


Count me in on the Class action--same basic issue with washing machine....over a month's wait for the parts & still have not delived or properly repaired.


Same for us. Bought a new Kenmore Elite (LG) fridge and the compressor (?) went out within the manufacturer's warranty.

We have had 6 service calls, 3 techs... it has been deemed unrepairable the last 3 times. We have been out a fridge for almost 2 months and have made probably 30 phone calls, and spent countless hours getting the run around. We had been told it would be replaced by 8 -12 different reps.

They all had different qualifications (3 different parts installed, 7 service calls, 3x deemed unrepairable). And now they have told us the warranty is no longer good since they have taken so long to resolve this it went past the 12 months. THey are refusing to do anything about it now. Please count us in a for a class action lawsuit, what they have done is so unethical and just cruel.

To be without a fridge for 2 months though we have know within the first few weeks it was unrepairable and they have strung us along for over 6 weeks baiting us with the promise they would replace the fridge. We will do everything asked to make sure no one else ever has to go through something like this. It's no wonder they are going out of business.

Most unethical company I have every had to deal with. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!


SAME STORY AS ALL THE REST....Kenmore Elite 795 French door refrigerator. Compressor went out.

Purchased 2016 Went out 11/4/18. They know the LG compressor is faulty yet I have to pay all the labor to replace this (almost $400). If they KNOW about the issue why do they not have to do a recall and replace the faulty equipment FREE of charge.

Called Service department MULTIPLE times, customer relations , neither of them could have cared a less. In fact, the one rep told me they would consider reimbursing labor and would call the technician but when I called back to let them know the technician changed the appointment they had no record of that conversation.....Imagine that!!


I have been waiting for them to replace my washing machine for 5 weeks. They informed me it will take another 2 weeks before it can be processed.

In the mean time, my refrigerator's computer went out 3 weeks ago.

They told me yesterday that it could be 3 more weeks before the part is available. I am paying over $100.00 per month for this protection agreement.

to T Hammond #1602972

The same here, my refrigerator I need to replace, I don’t have one to use for 3 weeks.


WHEN could one realistically expect a class action against Sears Home warranty? I need to decide: filing a small claim lawsuit myself NOW, or wait to join this class action.


We had 10 service calls in the past 8 month and replaced 4 major parts but they still refuse to replace our dishwasher. Even they said they will replace it back in August when they ask us to renew the plan. Please contact us for the lawsuit.

to Linda #1590099

The same with my Mother's washer.


This is a real problem for Sears We have had this service agreement for all our appliances for years Unfortunately we have had to use this service for all our appliances for years and they have yet to Fix the problem with range, have had over 10 service calls for the refrigerator and keep my blood pressure boiling


Sears techs do not honor LG part warranty indicating is a SEARS Kenmore even though LG compressor. LG will honor 10 year warranty as long as the Sears tech honors and through them orders the part.

Second tech in from Sears after conference with LG and Sears and still he and his supervisors refuse to honor compressor warranty by LG.

As well two 104.00 bill were sent to email for both conversation and not even taking the panel off the back. Dealing with LG presently ....


Please forward contact info to release specifics for particulars on sears refusal to fix a refrigerator that had an LG compressor even though compressors are warranted by LG for 10 years. In the meantime Sears billed me every time they came to the house even though he did nothing.


My Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator is not working for the second time since September. Took them close to a month to Replace the compressor and get it working then, now something else is wrong with the refrigerator section, and once again, I’ve had to throw out all of the food.

It quit October 14th, but they say they can’t get the part and technician to fix it until November 29th! After Thanksgiving.

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