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Please continue to post your complaints online. I am currently working to start a class action suit against sears on your behalf.

I am a ex service tech that has spoken with a lawyer Interested in pursuing this. There have been many complaints about the home warranty and master protection agreement. I have a list of complaints that include not covering items, bait and switch, long wait time, bad customer service, being overcharged, not covering replacements and other issues. The master protection agreement is sold by sears, the sears home warranty is owned by cross country.

I will be collecting as much information as possible and keep everybody informed. Rochester ny

Reason of review: Other issue.

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I have been dealing with sears over a kenmore Elite refrigerator that has been giving us ***


I have a Kenmore Elite (LG Mfr) French Door Refrigerator which was purchased in April 2015 with a 3-year extended warranty. Last week 7/9/18, the refrigerator failed and the entire unit would not cool.

Called Sears for service indicating the unit was totally down, and was offered a 7/14 service call. Not having any faith in Sears I called Abt and had a tech come out.

Unit was diagnosed as having a sealed system compressor failure and an estimated $1200 to $1500 repair charge! This is outrageous that a "top of the line" unit would fail in only 3 years.


I have had my refrigerator worked on over 3 times still doesn't work been without a freezer for over 2 months I have 7 children so this is unacceptable product less than a year old they are doing nothing about it want me to go rent a refrigerator til they can figure it out bought extra coverage for appliance to only be promised it would be replaced which is a lie what can I do?


Same issues. Have a 2 year old fridge/freezer go out and no service reps in my area so "sorry we can't honor our warranty because there are no service reps in your area".

I am beyond frustrated with this company. Will never buy from sears again!


We have a 2 year old washing machine. Have had 9 service appointments 6 parts replaced and have been without a washer for over 3 months. Sears warranty states that it does not qualify for replacement even after 2 techs have stated it can not be fixed.


I have a master agreement my standup freezer has frozen 6 times they say it’s normal I do not believe it I have file with attorney general Iam tired sears


I would join..I specifically just googled who has sued Sears Home Warranty and found this thread. I called about prices to repair a fridge back in April..they said oh if you purchase our home warranty at 69.99 a month and we will fix your fridge for 80$.

So I thought about it and said yes. I should have had a clue when they charged me 174$ and said if I didn't pay they'd take the motherboard out of my fridge. But I paid and planned to dispute the overcharge. Well it took another month to get my warranty to be fully active.

Fast forward to JUNE...my Whirlpool Washer threw a SD code and wouldn't spin out and my dryer was making the worst screeching noise and was taking TWO hours to dry a load. So I called..they sent out Sam on June 21st. Sam complained about how he had to drive from Tallahassee ( 2 hrs away) and when I explained about the dryer he said oh it's got heat I said but something is wrong it does NOT take 2 hours to dry a load of clothes. He changed the belt and pulley to get rid of the screech and did NOTHING to address the heating issue..2 days after he left it completely lost heat.

The washer he charged me 89 bucks to clear the code and pull my drain hose out. I'm no technician but seriously I questioned him hard..I said there's no way that is fixed. He said oh yeah its' fixed. ONE hour later it threw the same code.

SD...I was PISSED. Another thing that bothered me immensely is when he charged me the 100.oo deductible he was only supposed to charge that ONCE for coming out. He charged me 100 for my dryer and 89 for my washer and when he ran my credit card the first time HE SIGNED MY NAME on the handheld computer thing. I said did you just forge my name??

He knew I was NOT happy. The second time he charged me 89 bucks and let me sign. He overcharged me 89 bucks. I called them immediately at Sears Home Warranty and they didn't schedule a recall until JULY 5th.

I asked them NOT to send SAM again. They sent Sam again. He finally changed the element in the dryer . It's worked for a week so far.

The washer he changed the mother board and one hour after he left that piece of crap threw a F50 and an LD code. Worse than my old motherboard. I had my techie hubby put my motherboard back in ...at least I have a 50% chance of my wash actually spinning out. They set up a recall on the washer for July 11.

That's today..no one showed up. I want to know how to take them to small claims court.


Please include me in this class action. I have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator that is only a little over 3 years old.

It was over $3,000 appliance. About 3 weeks ago (the end of June, 2018) it stopped making ice and the bottom freezer was not getting cold. Called Sears, there is a warranty of 5 years on parts but only 1 year on labor. It took them a week to come out.

They said the compressor was bad and had to order a new one. They did not have one available at the time of the service call. It took several days for the part to come in. Had to call again for another service call.

Yet another week for an appointment. They finally came out on July 3rd. We were on vacation and my husband had to come home. Sears refused to give us an earlier appointment.

On July 3rd, the compressor was replaced and the service technician said he had some problems. It appeared to be fixed for about 4 days. Only July 7, we noticed that the entire fridge and freezer was not working. It was now worse than it was before.

Called Sears again. They said they could not schedule another appointment because the other ticket was not closed out. We had to wait 24 hours to call back to make the appointment which is unacceptable. I Googled Sears to find more phone numbers to call and found a different one to file a complaint.

They finally made an appointment for 7/18. I told them this was unacceptable and to transfer me to a supervisor. Spoke to "Curtis" who said he would get in touch with his "business partners" and would call me back. I never received the call back.

On 7/11 I called yet another phone number for Sears home repair and practically begged the operator to move up the date. This time she was able to help me move up the date for the service call to 7/12. Sears is the ABSOLUTE WORST in customer service. I also had a problem a few years ago with a Kenmore gas grill.

The ignitor stopped working and Sears came out several times to replace it. The service tech literally left us with a handful of new ignitors when he left because they kept going bad. Sears did not replace the grill and when I called customer service, I was stuck in a never ending loop of being on hold and being disconnected.

I will never ever ever buy even a toothbrush from Sears. The frigde saga is to be continued....


I have also been stung by sears. They do not stand by thier warranty of their product. Please include me in class action


Sears home warranty service is the absolute worst. We have had our home warranty through them for years and used to be happy.

Something has changed. Last year it started with taking MONTHS to fix our oven and then our microwave during the holiday season. That was horrible enough. Then on on 6/12/18 we called to report that our AC stopped working.

We live in Phoenix. Temps have been any where from 105 to 115 every day since then. On 6/13/18 they sent out a provider to diagnose the problem. Then Sears sent it to their "Research department." Not sure what they need to research since their contracted provider tells them what needs to be done.

After over a week the research dept authorized the wrong part. We kept getting told that a supervisor would call us back to assist us and I am sure you can guess that never happened. No one ever called us back. After 2 weeks we finally spoke with a supervisor because we spoke with a nice customer service person and refused to end the call.

The supervisor elevated our claim to a medical priority because we have a child with asthma and other health problems. And while dealing with excessive heat we also had high ozone and poor air quality. So we were unable to open our windows. Not that making it a medical priority did anything.

Because it was sent back to the research department to authorize the appropriate part. Week 3 with still no AC and finally on 7/3/18 the provider went to pick up the part. They got to our home and discovered that Sears had again authorized the wrong part. So we were right back to where we started.

We have called them daily to try to figure out what can be done and kept getting told that it was at research and that they understood and apologized for any inconvenience. Really?!? an inconvenience... this has been a complete nightmare and an extreme health issue.

Landlords get fined and can go to jail for treating people the way Sears has. Today (1 day before 4 weeks without AC) we called again and were given the same run around about how they needed to get the part from a distribution center. We also kept getting told that they didn't have the model number or part information. Even though we have called them almost daily for 4 weeks straight and have given them this information.

We had another AC contractor come out on Friday who called and found out that the part that we needed was not only in but had been in for over 2 weeks. Low a behold some how they were finally able to get the part that has been in for 2 weeks and authorize the contractor to put it in. Sears home warranty is a SCAM! They just want to take our money and don't have any plans to fix anything.

We also asked who regulates home warranty companies and NO ONE at SEARS knew this information. That is unacceptable. We were told that we could file a complaint with the SEARS Home warranty complaint dept. Really?!?

why would we file an internal compliant with a comp that obviously has no interest in resolving things. We wanted to know what regulatory body oversees them and they didn't know. That seems extremely convenient. We found out that you can file a complaint with your state Dept of Insurance.

We contacted them and they have opened an investigation into SEARS Home Warranty. We have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will be telling everyone who will listen about the breech of contract and acting in bad faith. SEARS should be fined and YES there should be a class action lawsuit. If this is how they do business especially with people who have been loyal customers for decades they deserve to be put out of business.

We will never ever ever do business with SEARS or and SEARS subsidiary. We will never buy another SEARS appliance or anything at SEARS ever again.


Just found out that my two year Kenmore Elite fridge, which broke on July 1st, 2018, after tested, the compressor is not working, is not getting cool. So on fourth July holiday which we have the big gathering where out on fridge, Called Kenmore they said out of warranty.

just like that two years of $2,400 dollars is shot.

This is a huge disappointment. Is there a class action lawsuit on this model: 795.73163.610 Kenmore Elite, double door with freezer at the bottom, Grab & Go, I talk to the repair man this would cost $1,500 for getting new compressor.


I am interested in joining this class action lawsuit....Almost one month ago, on 11 June 2018, when my LG television stopped working, I called to schedule my first-ever TV repair appointment which has been under Sears Master Protection warranty since 2014. I was told that a Sears repair person would not be able to to come to my home for 2 whole weeks.Finally, on 26 June 2018, a Sears repair person did come to my home and determined that I need a part for my LG television, and that it is on order.

On the receipt they left, it states that a repair person will return to my home on 12 July 2018 to install the part.However, since 28 June 2018, I’ve been receiving automated calls and emails from Sears stating that I need to reschedule the repair appointment that they had made for 12 July 2018. So, since 28 June 2018, I have called numerous times to do just that and always end up trying to communicate with a third-party Sears representative. I end up on the phone, mostly on hold, each and every time I’ve called, for a minimum of 20 minutes. At the end of each and every call, the person inevitably tells me that they see no service appointments available, and that someone from Sears repair will be calling to schedule my appointment.The only calls I’ve received from Sears, since 28 June 2018, are the automated messages, called “dialers,” stating that I need call them to reschedule my appointment.

I have yet to speak to an actual person. I’m in an endless loop of complete frustration.


Would like to consider joining your lawsuit. I own a Sears Protection Policy which covers my HVAC units.

Sears Homes Services fails to honor repair appointments even after issuing a repair order number and confirming the appointment 5-times prior to the service date. The only remedy they provide is to reschedule the appointment at their convenience, which in my case, is five additional days from the original appointment.

They provide NO remedy other than a reschedule which they may or may not keep. They provide absolutely NO contact information other than call centers in the Philippines which have NO authority and will not provide any meaningful contact information within Sears in the US.


We bought Kenmore Elite 1 year ago along with Service Plan. 6 days after 1 year freezer stopped cooling properly and ice maker not working.

3 weeks for first service call that was a joke...

and now waiting 30 days for next week. Everyone just passes the buck...We are definitely interested.


I am interested. The service from the call center is horrendous.

Misinformation, pushing service appointments without calls, 6 weeks w/o a refridgerator. How do we participate?


Currently working with sears repair center on My Kenmore Elite 1 1/2 year old refrigerator . Wait for my third Tech.

Appointment to try and Fix the unit.

Talking with the Tech. There seem to be a lack of experiance and knowledge in this feld.


I'm interested as well, if folks outside of the US can be included. Kenmore Elite fridge.

Its not even 3 years old and the compressor has stopped working.

Kenmore was no help. We had the Sears extended warranty but unfortunately live in Canada so are out of luck there as well.


Yes not happy waited two weeks for my A/C to be fixed finall called another company fixed in two days put in a $358.00 claim to cross country I am sure they will deny claim for some reason would love to join lawsuit bad company I put in 10 phone calls in one day. Already put in a bad review to one web site keep me update


Sign me up for class action law suit, I have a real good story. It's too long. But, no help from anyone, no one to speak with.


Yes count me in for the class lawsuit against Sears home warranty. They claimed that they cover every brand, all appliances.

The only cost out of our own pocket is $100 deductible.

Guess what , when the technician found out we had a broken drainage pipe in our refrigerator, they said that it was not a functional unit so it's not covered by the warranty. The customer representative who called me denying the coverage is also very rude.

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