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1.Keith M. emailed me July 24th stating he had "... instructed Ron S. to go over something he hoped I would like"... in lieu of cancelling the project after I felt uneasy in how process was being handled from the beginning: •I again attempted to cancel the contract after witnessing a Sears Rep conduct the 'formal measure' who had different cabinet materials than what was presented to me during the estimate, I immediately knew something wasn't right.

2. Ron S. actually screamed profanities at me on more than one occasion as he was point of contact, and I feared being verbally attacked.

3. When I contacted Project Manager, Jeff R., to find out why they installed a base cabinet that was fabricated incorrectly, he also yelled profanities, stating it was my fault the big drawer was in the middle, even though the contract clearly stated big drawer to be on the bottom. Yet, repeatedly was told it was my mistake and they refused to correct the issue.

4. Donald W. repeatedly told me the reason there were cuts, chips, and cracks in the front face laminate because it was shipped as damaged materials. I understand that opening up my home to him for a place to stay to be on-site was a mistake, but at the time assisting Sears, so the job could actually meet completion was critical at the time.

My son and I assisted Donald W. by: •Unpacking tools and his belongings •Removing cabinet doors and drawers •Offering extra hands during a complex skill requirement •Explaining what parts went to which cabinet •Cleaning up after each day •Use of my office and equipment •Coordinating a solution the damage to the flooring without just cause.

5. After Donald W. ripped the filter and broke the bulb on the microwave, he said the parts would arrive in a few days.

However, when I tried asking him to remove the adhesive off the appliances, he snapped at me in front of my children saying "no".

6. When he asked me how the kitchen looked with the existing cabinets laminated, I showed him areas of concern. Donald W. watched me take pictures, begging me not to tell Sears, that it was "...due to damaged materials, so that it wouldn't jeopardize his bond".

7. Knowing my weakness in being slightly controversial in color choice, he used that 'ploy' to switch for a different color, stating, "...darker color won't show imperfections". My thoughts of glue and paint globbed with sawdust used fill chipped or cracked laminate will show no matter what color.

8. I reached out to Amy M., (an amazing point of contact) let her know what was going on, she asked if a color change was an option, and my reply was that the lack of professional quality install was my concern, and to please assign a different installer.

9. I assumed Donald W. was told to leave by Sears after speaking to Jeff R. Ripping off all the laminate with no regard as to how it was damaging the wood boxes was out of frustration and that truth in detail regarding the severity of imperfections would be eliminated.

10. Donald W. did not vacate the premises until the day following the laminate removal. Although, before leaving, he took all my existing cabinet doors, drawers, all separated door handles and hardware, previous kitchen sink and countertops because they were no longer in storage.

10. After numerous attempts in trying to reach Sears about the mess the installer made, the only Rep responding to me was Amy M. who emailed* suggesting we settle out the contract with me purchasing just the new three bottom base units.

11. Pacific N.W. Granite took a Brand New kitchen sink kit I purchased and refused to return it to me or return my calls.

12. I missed several days of work during the time Donald W. was on-site, in addition to the numerous labor hours and cost of materials I imvested to clean, restore, and refinish ALL kitchen cabinetry of industrial adhesive and damaged wood surfaces.

13. Electrical outlet inside cabinet been open and unmounted since Donald W. was on-site.

14. Replacement parts for microwave have not been provided. Scratches and dings from tools on microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator have not been compensated, nor the labor and costs for supplies to remove industrual adhesive from appliances and cabinetry.

15. Drawer next to sink cant open because it hits the stove, which did not occur prior to Sears altering drawer size and space. Two more drawers cannot be open at the same time, due to not enough space between them. My family and I went without a kitchen for over 6 months.

No work was actually completed. The 3 new base not built to specifications. I am requesting a full refund of the total amount I paid to Sears Home Improvement which is a 'fair and just' compensation rate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Kitchen Remodeling.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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