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UPDATE - The contractor showed up late on the final chance I gave them to fix the toilet. I left home after waiting 15 minutes and a manager, Gabriel, told me the contractor was at the "job site and how do you want us to proceed"?

I stated that he was half an hour late and didn't give me a courtesy call to say he was going to be late and said he could wait for me to come home in 30 minutes or he could leave and they could refund us for what was left. The contractor opted to wait, didn't apologize for being late, and "fixed" the toilet for about the 4th or 5th time. The next day there was an even bigger puddle of water, so I sent an email to all the managers who's contact info I had and filed a BBB complaint. At this point in time, We had a leaking toilet, *** in our drywall, outlets that hadn't been updated, and the wrong countertops.

I also refused to speak with them anymore and my husband finished the remaining communication, which was humorous because Gabriel had a much different tone with my husband and probably assumed I'm a female who doesn't know anything. Long story short, we ended up keeping the wrong countertops and fixing the toilet and drywall ourselves and we're given a refund, which I think is inadequate considering what they put us through.

Original review posted by user Jun 29

On May 28th, our bathroom remodel began. It was supposed to take approximately 3-5 days.

It has been over one month and it is still not close to being finished. The wrong countertops were ordered and installed, but those are supposedly on order and will take weeks. The contractor sent to us by Sears kept leaving toilet lids up all over our home, but it was a minor annoyance and I thought I only had to deal with it a few days. When installing the shower wall, an object fell from a shelf in the adjoining room with the toilet and shattered the bowl because he left the lid up.

He said he would check a warehouse to see if he could find another so neither of us had to buy a new one, which is ridiculous because it was broken by him and we wanted to keep our original toilet because it was new. He found one and installed it, but it has been leaking on June 5,7,10,12,14,23, and 29. The gaps between the 14th, 23rd, and 29th are when we had disconnected the water and plunged the water out of the bowl while waiting for the project manager and contractor to return our messages, which they blew us off twice. This led me to posting reviews online and finally another manager contacted us.

The contractor was supposed to be here between 10-11am yesterday, but was late and didn't call. I left home at 11:15 and sent an email to several managers stating it was unacceptable. After multiple messages, the manager said the guy was 5 min away, I restated that I had already left, then he said the guy was at my home so how did I want them to proceed? I stated that he was half an hour late, which had happened other times as well, but I would be back in 20 minutes if he wanted to wait.

When I arrived, he did not apologize for being half an hour late, and the manager did not apologize either. He did not repair the hole in our drywall or outlets as stated in the contract, and the toilet began leaking again today less than 24 hours after being "repaired" for the 4th or 5th time. I don't feel safe with the contractor being unable to fix a toilet and working on electrical outlets, nor will I allow him in my home after being late repeatedly and never apologizing. I filed a BBB complaint today and messaged the managers stating he will not be allowed in my home so they can refund us and we will fix the remaining issues or they can send a new contractor.

We were told by the sales people that the contractors are "experts" in their field, meaning they do no send a roofing contractor to remodel a bathroom, etc. Additionally, he hooked up the hot/cold backwards on one of our sinks and took our new showerhead during demo that we had told the sales people we wanted to keep because it was brand new since they told us we couldn't opt out of having a new one installed. The contractor gave us a business card on one of his first few days, and when they blew us off for the second time I searched the internet and couldn't find any trace of his "company". Out of the last 14 days, our toilet has been leaking and not usable for 12 of those days, which is unacceptable when paying over $18,000.

Furthermore, being ignored by the project manager, Chrystal, and the contractor, Juan, multiple times and being forced to submit reviews online and through social media to get a response is also unacceptable. The water has been leaking for nearly a month on our brand new floors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Bathroom Remodeling.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Sears Home Services Pros: Measuring guy and sales people, Salesman admitting that he ordered incorrect countertop.

Sears Home Services Cons: Lack of response from contractor and project manager, Rude contractor and managers, Having to post online to get a response, Not receiving an apology for being late, Being treated like an inconvenience.

  • Sears Worst Customer Service
  • Lousy Installers
  • Still Not Fixed
  • Contract Not Honored
  • Ruining Our Floors
  • No Response From Project Manager
  • No Response From Contractor
  • Dont Value Veterans
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