this is a new shingle installed on my roof many more just like it an over nailed passed hernando county code inspection.also sears 3rd party inspector.problem is they are unable to see any of it when they inspect the finished roof.their inspection is a visual only, not under the shingles wear nailing is not to mfg.or count specs. Crowford sears 3rd party inspection is a scam.

don't be fooled by sears salesman's lying sales presentation . SEARS HOME SERVICES ROOFING AN SUB CONTRACTOR OCEAN CONSTRUCTION FLORIDA SCAMMED ME. sears home services salesmen misleads u in their roof sales presentation. contract is done on a cd for your computer.mine malfunctioned making it unable for u to read your contract.

also making it to late to cancel in 3 days notice. now u are in a binding contract. sears did not mention fine print in their contract or fine print of manufactures material being used.mfg.only guarantees u a good roof shingle. if installed not to mfg.specs.

like mine an most likely all roofs. mfg.voids their product warranty .salesmen does not tell u that.

my roof was installed by their sub contractor an failed county code inspection 3 times.sears management ignored me on installation issues after multiple phone calls.managed to contact a state senator about my problem. only after that did sears respond.

they had to remove a brand new shingled roof do to improper installation . i documented the complete installation of the roof .also did the same the second time.pictures of shingle nailing.sheathing drip edge ridge vents also video. pictures don't lie.new contractor for second re-shingle tried to scam me on plywood that was to be repaired caught him with pics. roof is installed just as bad as first time.if not worse.passed code inspection.they are unable to see how shingles are nailed after the sun beats on them.

code does not care about shoddy workmanship code is immune from prosecution. .both contractors did damage to my ceilings.both say it was not their men. contractor says men were not in attic they were in there to remove nails that miss trusses.i have video of them coming out of attic. in my opinion how can u trust a company that hires contractors that lies an are unable to install a roof to code an mfg.spec.

SEARS u are the most shameful misleading co. Florida residents if u have to have a roof done avoid the SEARS . Check out [ sears sucks ] on your Internet read all the complaints about sears. I wish i did before being scammed by sears.

http://www.ripoffreport.com/consumer-services/sears-home-services/sears-home-services-fl-impro-b8019.htm … ALL sandy storm home owners look at web site before having Sears home services do any type of home repairs.the truth! log into twitter an look at all my tweets about Sears home services roofing.their all true.!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $14880.

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Sarasota, Florida, United States #1004738

pissed consumer, I have the same exact nightmare you went through in florida, Crawford 3rd party and all. Who was the state senator that got this taken care of for you?

I'm in need of help!! Thanks!


Its funny how sears customers are nice to the roofers face and then talk trash about the roofer to sears. I've done tons of roofs for sears in Canada and the USA.

All you customers are the same . maybe let the roofer do his job. Yes there are alto of bad roofers out there! Oh and the roofing inspector!

Most of them have never done a roof. ! So in closing maybe respect your roofer ask questions or concerns. A real roofer will answer.


sears over charges. And is a joke to get paid from

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