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Update by user Jul 30, 2013

Sears is refusing to refund the $300 we paid for the rapair, even though the refrigerator was just as broken after the repair was done. Will be filing a complaint with the Maryland Atty Gen Office of Consumer Protection.

Update by user Jun 26, 2013

The repair done on May 31 again failed to fix the refrigerator. In the meantime, Sears Social Media Support contacted me via this complaint and as a result of working with that dept., Sears has agreed (per the service plan) to credit us $500 toward the purchase of a new refrigerator (from Sears) and then will address the $300 refund for the repair we paid for but which did not fix the problem.

The Sears Social Media rep has been very professional, pleasant, and reasonable (unlike the horrible Sears Home Repair supervisor).

I'll post another update after all is resolved. If I had not posted on PissedConsumer, I doubt I would have any resolution at all, since the Sears Home Repair supervisor told me there was no further recourse for me beyond talking with him and his attitude was "who the heck cares?" But the Social Media rep has been great to work with.

Original review posted by user May 26, 2013

February 14, 2013 was the first of 7 appointments to date (May 26) for the purpose of repairing our Kenmore refrigerator and they have yet to fix the problem. At the fifth appointment (May 8), the repairman decided we needed several major parts, put them on order, charged me $300 in advance, and set an appointment for May 21.

On May 21, the repairman showed up and discovered Sears had neglected to send one of the parts needed, so he was unable to do the repair as planned, but said he would boost the cooling agent to "make it a little colder" until the missing part arrived; in the process he broke the refrigerator completely and now it's like it's not even plugged in, no cooling at all, it's just a hot, lighted box. He said he would call the next morning but we did not hear from him. So I called the service department and they made an appointment for May 25 and told me the repairman would have the part on the truck when he came, since this is an expedited situation. On May 23, the service rep confirmed our May 25 appointment and again assured me that the repairman would have the part on the truck with him.

It is therefore expected that the job order for the repairman coming to our house would certainly have that crucial information on it, right? And perhaps it did but went unread. On May 25, the repairman did NOT have the part with him and kept saying (over and over and over and over again) that the problem is that I "don't understand the protocol," that repairmen never bring the parts on the truck, and he kept implying I misunderstood what the service department told me. He did not acknowledge any failing on the part of himself or the service department, just continued to say "Ma'm you just don’t understand" like a broken record with attitude.

He left without doing anything, slamming the door on the way out. I then spoke with a supervisor in the service department to find out the status of our repair. He told me the service reps should have never said the part would be on the truck. He said that the missing part had just been ordered, but he could not schedule another appointment for us until the part arrived at our home (which takes several days, btw, so I would be looking at another 2 weeks with no refrigerator).

I told him we have had 7 appointments with them already and any time they had to order parts, they simultaneously scheduled us an appointment for one week later, to be confirmed when the parts arrived at our home. He told me it was not done that way and he would not schedule an appointment for us yet. I repeated that it had been done that way Every Single Time for our previous repair appointments. Finally he told me he had "overridden" the system to make an appointment for us on May 31, contingent on the part arriving.

I hardly know where to begin to sum up what is wrong with this service experience, and these were only the highlights. I think the poor performance speaks for itself. Part of the problem is that Sears outsources the repairs to several companies and if you get the same one twice, it's just an accident.

No one repairman is in the least invested in the repair and everything has to be re-explained every time one comes to pick up where the other left off. Sears Home repair gets a flunking grade in all areas.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States #690180

Here's my .02:

You do not tell us whether some of the new parts are still in your old (broken) refrigerator. Remember too, that Sears did send their tech's to your home (however unfruitful it ultimately ended up), and did so on more than one occasion. This is a costly thing for the company to do.

We should remember: Sears did not break your refrigerator, nor were they responsible for its purchase: you bought it initially, and the unit may simply have more problems than it's worth to repair, and the only way to ascertain this, was to attempt to repair the unit. Again, this is no fault of Sears.

You also do not say whether you availed yourself of Sear's offer of $500 credit towards the purchase of a new refrigerator. If you did, then it might also be said that you're not out $300... rather, you're up by $200. And if you did get a new unit from Sears, did they also deliver it and install it for free? In most cases, they do.

I realize you've had problems, and I am sympathetic. But let's look at both sides of this. Sears has stepped up, and if you availed yourself of their offer, your issues are solved.

Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States #667190

Dear jmwmarcus,

Sears will be able to track who I am by my screen name, as it contains my real company ID from when I wore the big "S" on my chest.

I decided to join and post to you, based on where you live. I am a 'somewhat' neighbor: I live in the Lakelands down the road from you, in Gaithersburg, MD.

Although my near nine years with Sears Product Services was in Division 57(electronic repair), my Dad bought a refrigeration company when I was in high school, and I used to go with one of the techs after I had worked the day repairing electronic items, and do refrigeration service calls with the tech at night. Perhaps needless to say, being a far easier field than electronic repair, I mastered it in just a year.

By reading your post, it would seem that your refrigerator is out of warranty. I would note, you do not clearly state what your original complaint was, or what the make/model of the unit is, or what you paid for it and its history as to reliability.

Still... I can read much between the lines.

The line that stands out to me is this: "but said he would boost the cooling agent to "make it a little colder" until the missing part arrived."

If this is true, and the unit ceased to work completely after the tech attempted this, your compressor is likely to be the issue. Overfilling the coolant can cause the in internal valves and seals to break. If the issue you initially called about was a leaky valve or seal, this attempt may have ruptured it entirely.

I cannot envision "several" parts failing. By the sounds of it, the techs who initially did your service could not correctly diagnose the issue, hence the ordering of several parts.

So, you may be looking at a bad compressor, and maybe one other random part. Now, your compressor could be compared to the engine in your car: it's the heart of the unit, and it's not cheap. Likely, your refrigerator is not worth repair.

I would suggest that you and Sears work out a deal: replave the old fridge with a new one, at a good price to you. They will, as noted, make you a good price, and pick up the old unit and deliver the new unit for FREE. Perhaps too, they could make you a good price on a maintenance agreement on the new unit, so you're not in this situation in the future?

Consider: Sears is also on the losing end of this repair. Seven times to your home, as well as the cost of all of the parts this, and other techs have ordered has rendered this repair into a serious loss for the company, not to mention your dissatisfaction with Sears Product Services.

If you're reading this Sears, I would suggest you take my advice, and you too, jmwmarcus.

Sears is a company that cares, and I know they'll make this right, and I say that as a former employee, who is still proud of his association with SPS.

Let us know who it works out.

to Tech-13458 Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States #667193

Couple of spelling errors, but my intent comes through.

Let us know "how" this comes out (not "who ;) )

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada #663172

Didn't take long to find someone going through exactly the same thing that we are with our fridge and a sears repair experience that is nothing short of exhaustingly frustrating. Dear Sears: Please fix my ice maker, or replace it.

Or the fridge. It is not okay to be unsuccessfull over the course of 5-6 repair visits and not follow up or take different action.

I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied and disappointed with my lack of service from Sears.

Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States #657533


I am Liz and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support Team. I ran across your comment here and I wanted to reach out and apologize on behalf of Sears for the difficulties that have occurred with your refrigerator repair.

From your post, we can see how frustrating is to schedule repair and your refrigerator is still not working properly.

We would like to contact you and further discuss your recent experience and see if there is anything we can do to make this right. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (jmwmarcus), phone # used at time of purchase to – Thanks, Liz Social Media Moderator, Sears Social Media Support

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