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Stay away from these clowns if you value your money and property. I live in East central Indiana and wanted a new HVAC system installed thought the company would be from Indianapolis, but no the "project coordinator" and that term is used very loosely is an asshol* from Louisville, KY and the *** that they have do installs in my area is from over 2 hours away in Columbus, IN (Affordable Air,... Read more

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On November 7th I purchased a new fridge for $1549. This was a big purchase for me with the total coming to over $2000 with tax and warranty. Well, I had a month with it before the water slowed to a trickle from the water machine. Then slowly the ice machine stopped working. 1 month then issues. I called for service and waited 2 weeks to get an appointment. The service tech was great. He ordered... Read more

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We have been making appointment after appointment with technicians that are no show, the excuse: technician was sick. Same excuse for each no show. Seriously? These guys keep making appointments and not showing up and making appointments again. Each appointment is further away from the next. I think its a Ponzi scam, I dont believe there are real technicians out there, service is paid for but not... Read more

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Sales people will lie to make a sale on their overpriced products. Their products are many times more expensive than their competition and not as good. Defraud is the name of their game. Stay away from this company. I was scammed and now I understand what Sears stands for "Scamming everyone anytime ripoff service" I am not happy working to get my money refunded from these thieves. No help... Read more

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Appointment from 8 to 12. Called me at 11:47 before appointment to leave me a message that he can't come because he has to take a lunch and will call me after lunch. I tried to call him back after 1 to 2 minutes after he called me for 12 times but no answered. He did not call me but showed up at 1:35pm (wow, close to 2 hours for lunch? Is he a doctor?). I told him to go away. My name is Tin N.... Read more

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I recently purchased a new garage door opener and paid for Sears to come install it. I also paid for a takeaway to have my old one hauled off. Two completely inept installers came out and after more than an hour told me that the brand new $200 Sears Craftsman garage door opener that I purchased through the base exchange catalog was defective. Call em back when I purchase yet another new one and... Read more

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This company is a total joke they keep rescheduling its like my time is not worth anything. I would totally not recommend this company turn away and find somebody else that's reputable. Bottom line they are a joke Add comment

Stay away from Sears Garage Solutions. We purchased the garage door opener plus installation service through Sears. When Sears Garage Solution's technician showed up, we were informed that we need to replace the springs and cables after he took things apart. At the end, he charged us $533.92 for the two springs & 2 cables (which I found the parts at Sears for $258.97). After we paid and found... Read more

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Wow, you certainly have given consumer education about the Sears / A&E repair business I only wish this was read before doing business with this company. The customer service experience which Jack Fryant received from Sears/A&E Repairs puts a new meaning to the word service, nor do they realize the importance of having customers. Unbelievable! We are now moving towards a 3 week wait for... Read more

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Sears Home Service repair stinks. On December 2, 2015 I called Sears Home Service to have my refrigerated repaired. The appointment was scheduled for December 4, 2015. They rescheduled my appointment without consulting me. I was later rescheduled for December 7th, December 8th and finally on December 17th 2015 they showed up. Sometimes I was notified about the reschedule and other times I was... Read more

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